A specialized cybersecurity program has been created by Google for Startups

A specialized cybersecurity program has been created by Google for Startups ...

The rise in digitization has also resulted in a surge in concerns about fostering a safe environment for individuals and businesses to flourish without threats.

Hence, in recent conversations, Google has demonstrated its commitment to the European Digital Resiliency, describing cybersecurity as a necessary tool to carry out this task successfully.

This is why Google for Startups has ensured that registrations for the new program are now open. Growth Academy: Cybersecurity, launched last autumn in Madrid, is a new program that will begin in April, providing the best Google tools to European businesses focused on cybersecurity.

Selected entrepreneurs will participate in a series of meetings with industry experts, both from Google and outside, and will receive expert advice on business strategies, sales, and potential partnerships. In addition, they will also have the opportunity to meet with senior executives from notable companies in the sector, such as VirusTotal and Mandiant, which were acquired by Google in 2012 and 2022, respectively.

Three face-to-face conversations will take place in Europe, including Malaga, home to a new Google security engineering center that will begin later this year.

This is the second step in Google's effort to strengthen cybersecurity in Spain, including the regional tour "Protect your business," which takes you through Spain with the purpose of connecting, training, and assisting small businesses.

Cybersecurity: Growth Academy It is geared towards European companies looking to expand internationally and concentrate on one aspect of cybersecurity, such as prevention, protection, investigation, or threat analysis.

Companies who wish to take part in the program must meet the following requirements:

  • They must be companies in the initial phase and Series A: We look for emerging companies that already have a validated product or service in the market.
  • Based in Europe: This program is specifically aimed at European start-ups looking to grow internationally.
  • They must have an activity focused on some aspect of cybersecurity: We are looking for start-ups working on solutions related to prevention, protection, investigation, threat analysis or threat sharing.
  • Have demonstrable traction capacity: The business must already be generating revenue or acquiring users.

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