Purple Magic forspoken: How to Get the Most Out Of Your Spells

Purple Magic forspoken: How to Get the Most Out Of Your Spells ...

The PS5 version of Forspoken is now available, allowing you to display your wicked cool magic-slinging combat skills to the rest of the world. Purple Magic will be with you from the beginning and will remain a great tool throughout the game.

The following attack magics will be taught by Frey: Burst Shot, Shield Shot, and Scatter Shot (each at level 1), as well as by finding mana pools scattered throughout the vast landscapes of Athea. However, you may unlearn a spell to use elsewhere.

Now, let's look at some Purple Magic spells and discuss how to best utilize them:

Magic will be destroyed by attacks.

Burst Shot: A powerful and reliable weapon, a burst shot unleashes a massive rock explosion after you release its charge. The longer the charge, the greater the ka-boom that ensues. Give a charged Burst Shot a shot as it penetrates enemies' defenses with ease.

Shield Shot: Some enemies despise Frey's personal space. That's where the shield shot comes in. If you counterattack with a shield shot from the front, they're in for a nasty surprise when you blow up the shield in your face. The shield grows bigger at higher levels and can also serve as a shield-breaking weapon.

Scatter Shot: Do you like powerful attacks but don't like the whole "can't attack while you're charging" thing? Scatter Shot is a quick-fire spray of small magic blasts that will send out a large finishing blow. It's also ideal for long-range combat and particularly effective against many flying adversaries.

Magic will be supported by you.

Bind: Occasionally, enemies will not stand still as you aim at them, but Bind is here to assist you. If you're just not up for a fight, you can hold them at bay while you skedaddle.

Tendril: Tendril is an amazing crowd-control spell that can be used on the ground or in the air. It can also wreak havoc on enemies based on the damage you have suffered.

Implant: Implant may not appear to be doing much at first, but every time your attacks hit, you'll also cause some extra damage. It's a handy spell to have if you're up against an adversary with a big health bar.

Prime: This spell is a bit tricky, but it's well worth it. First, place a trap in the ground, then try to bait your foes with yourself. A blast will drop nearby foes on the ground immediately. (Or, if you're unlucky, your charged burst shot can also trigger the trap.)

Disperse: This spell allows Frey to plant a huge flower in the ground, which quickly blossoms into a beautiful turret capable of shooting any foe that comes into range. It works well for situations that require a bit of distance, as well as flying enemies.

If you're poisoned, Leach, stay away from it, but keep it in your head whenever you find yourself at the precipice of death by slowly depleting your health.

Screen: You want the shield functionality of the shield shot, but you need to be cautious when it comes to enemies that it does not work well against? Screen provides a similar protective wall against a hit from the front. Be patient, though: it takes quite a long time to recharge and may be broken through with guard-break attacks.

Magic of the Surge

Genesis: Genesis is a Surge Magic spell that you can use by pressing L2 and R2 repeatedly in order to avoid damaging anything on the ground. The effect extends over a few seconds, causing even more damage. This spell does not cover Frey's back and sides and may leave him vulnerable to assaults if you don't keep pressing L2 and R2 for extended periods.

A lot of spells and plenty of fun to experiment with are available in the Spellcraft books. Do not forget to do combat and exploration challenges focused on each spell.

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