Is Jerry Scott Heidler Dead or Alive in the Danny and Kim Daniels Murders?

Is Jerry Scott Heidler Dead or Alive in the Danny and Kim Daniels Murders? ...

Danny Daniels, his wife, Kim Daniels, and two of their children, Jessica and Bryant, were brutally murdered inside their own house in December 1997. Additionally, the perpetrator had kidnapped three other children, including a foster child, from the same household. Let's dive into the facts and find out more?

What Happened to Danny and Kim Daniels' Death?

Danny and Kim Daniels, Santa Claus residents, were described as a loving and generous couple who were always willing to assist others in the community and greeted everyone with a smile. They adopted several foster children from time to time and provided them with a loving environment to grow up in. However, little was aware that this kindness would result in their tragic deaths.

An intruder snatched a shotgun from the Daniels home and killed Danny and Kim as they slept in their bed on December 4, 1997. Jessica and Bryant were both awakened when they arrived to investigate what had happened, and they were shot in cold blood. Blood stains remained on the bedrooms.

An autopsy soon revealed that two of the Daniels' foster children had been shot to death at close range with a semi-automatic shotgun, and they informed the authorities that three others, including Amber Daniels and foster child Jo Anna Moseley, had been taken by the killer.

Danny and Kim Daniels were murdered, who were they killed?

The cops canvassed the area around the house, did a thorough investigation of the crime scene, and even interviewed the two children who were left behind at the Daniels household. Amber and Jo Anna immediately became friends, but they would often be visited by the latter's 20-year-old brother, Jerry Scott Heidler.

Jerry always acted well with the children, but he developed a particular dislike for Danny's teenage daughter, which he denied. Once law enforcement officers reached out to the two children left behind at the Daniels household, they identified him as Jerry. However, by then, they knew that he had kidnapped three children, including Amber Daniels, Jo Anna Moseley, and Danny's third biological daughter.

Sadly, there was no word on Jerry's whereabouts in the initial few hours, although officers were already on the lookout for him. However, a farmer contacted them, claiming he had discovered three young girls on the side of the road in Bacon County, and officers were sent to return the children safely.

Jerry was soon apprehended at a relative's house in Alma, Georgia. Naturally, all three were traumatized by the terrible experience. Police immediately began a statewide search for Jerry and soon received information that he was being apprehended.

What Has Happened to Jerry Scott Heidler?

Jerry pleaded not guilty to charges of murder and kidnapping, as well as a 110-year prison sentence. He is currently serving a term of death at Georgia's Diagnostic and Classification State Prison in Butts County, Georgia.

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