What Has Happened to Maria Montoya's?

What Has Happened to Maria Montoya's? ...

'Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda: Eyes Of A Child' chronicles the terrible incident and the prosecution's quest to expose the perpetrator.

What Was the Death of Maria Montana?

Maria lived in the same apartment complex as her granddaughter Ivory and great-granddaughter Monica. Maria was respected in the community, and people commented that she would warmly welcome everyone during her day-to-day existence.

Monica and Ivory were out shopping when the former decided to visit her great-grandmother on June 25, 1993. Ivory did not take anything away from it. However, shortly after, Ivory decided to check in on her daughter. However, as soon as she left the apartment, Monica ran up to her, claiming a bad man had hurt Maria.

Maria was discovered lying on the floor, bleeding profusely from a stab wound in her neck by Ivory immediately, prompting the police to suspect a robbery.

Maria Montana was killed by whom?

The cops conducted a thorough search of Maria's apartment, discovering a knife sticking out of the kitchen knife block. Although it was unclear why there were no signs of forced entry, most of Maria's friends described her as a kindhearted woman who would not pursue her in a cruel way.

The cops soon realized that Anthony Jackson and Tania Slater were among the first suspects in the apartment complex. Although the blood did make them initial suspects, the officers soon realized that Anthony and his girlfriend were attempting to assist Maria in her life. However, since Anthony was an ex-convict, he left the scene when the cops arrived.

While Jimmy remained in his sister's apartment near the victim's, authorities looked into his life and discovered a shocking truth.

Jimmy was previously convicted of killing an elderly lady to death after she refused to pay him money at the time of Maria's death, according to the program, but to be sure, he had a child psychologist consult Monica.

Jimmy was identified as the one she had witnessed beating her great-grandmother, and a quick look at his sister's apartment revealed valuables he had stolen from Maria.

What Has Happened to Jimmy White?

Jimmy realized that he had a lot of evidence against him and agreed to a plea deal in exchange for a lesser sentence, although prison records do not reveal his current location.

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