This January 24, a 6.500 update for the Moonlight Burrow event and changes will be released

This January 24, a 6.500 update for the Moonlight Burrow event and changes will be released ...

The 6.5.0 update of Dead by Daylight is now available! This includes the Moonlight Burrow event as well as a number of gameplay tweaks!

Schedule: January 24th, 2023, 1 PM ET – February 7th, 2023, 1 PM ET

The lobby will be transformed from January 17th, 2023, 1 PM ET to January 24th, 2023, 1 PM ET. Previous Lunar Cosmetic Collection Outfits will be available in the Dead by Daylight in-game store.


  • Jan 18: Dwight Fairfield – Lunar Rat Cap & The Spirit – Scarlet Edge
  • Jan 20: Jane Romero – Striped Top & The Hillbilly – Brutal Rat Hammer
  • Jan 23: David King – Striped Punk Pants, The Trapper – Golden Stinger & Nea Karlsson – Rat Print Top


During the Early Celebration and the Moonlight Burrow Event, selected outfits from previous Lunar New Year collections will be available in the Dead by Daylight in-game store.

For more information about Lunar New Year outfits, visit the in-game store.

On January 17, the following outfits will have additional Iridescent Shard prices added to the store:

  • The Deathslinger – The Oxen Bounty
  • The Legion – New Year Shoplifter (Susie)
  • Jeff Johansen – New Year Showgoer
  • Ace Visconti – Seasoned Gambler
  • Feng Min – Spring Festival

The following Outfits will be given away as daily rewards for logging into the game:


  • Jan 17: The Nurse – Festive Gown
  • Jan 18: Zarina Kassir – Gilded Locks
  • Jan 19: The Clown – Savage Smile
  • Jan 20: Kate Denson – Claw Marked Beanie
  • Jan 21: The Artist – Entrancing Gown
  • Jan 22: Adam Francis – Shimmering Ox
  • Jan 23: The Artist – Glaring Blood

For more information about the event, click here.

The 24th of January, 6.5.0 Patch Notes will be available on the internet.

The content

Moonlight Burrow – An Event

  • The “Moonlight Burrow” Lunar New Year event starts January 24, 11am ET. 


  • Tome 14 – BETRAYAL Level 1 opens January 25, 11am ET. 

Challenges in the Archive

  • “Dark Triumph” Killer Challenge: As The Executioner, Survivors who die inside a Cage of Atonement now award progress. 
  • “Terrified” Killer Challenge: As The Trickster, Survivors hit by Showstopper blades no longer award progress. 
  • “Near Miss” Survivor Challenge: Dodging Basic Attacks from The Oni and The Ghost Face (while crouched) now awards progress. 
  • “The Engineer’s Guild” Survivor Challenge: Progress is now cumulative and no longer resets when the co-op action is interrupted.


Quality of Life

HUD for Survivor Activity

  • The Survivor HUD now features an indicator that appears whenever they or their teammates engage in an activity. Activities include Repairing a Generator, being chased by the Killer, Healing, recovering from the Dying State, Cleansing or Blessing a Totem, opening an Exit Gate, or interacting with a Killer’s Power.

Merciless Killer

  • Moving forward, getting 4 Kills will earn the Killer a Merciless Killer rating, rather than the previous requirement of a double pip.

Queuing Experience

  • Players are now able to browse the Store, The Archives and Daily Rituals, while queueing for a match. If they are mid-purchase when the lobby is ready, the game will wait for the conclusion of the transaction – though it will kick the player if the delay is too long.  
  • While queued, Killers can browse their other Killers and change their loadouts and customizations. This will not affect their currently queued character, who remains shown beside the “Looking for Match” message.  

When in a party or waiting for a match, we had to disable the viewing of cinematics.


The updated Wiggle system has become standard for all players following a ping-pong Skill Check procedure following a period in BETA.

We have made a few tweaks based on the feedback we've received from players. Thank you very much.

  • Controller input handling has been improved, which should allow Killers to respond to Wiggling more efficiently while carrying Survivors.    
  • Survivors no longer shorten carry time by hitting Great Skill Checks. Instead, Great Skill Checks will increase resistance for the Killer. 
  • The size of the Great Skill Check zone has been slightly increased. We’ve also updated the Wiggling sound effects for improved feedback.  

Changes to Balance

The Knight of the Knights

We have changed several aspects of The Knight's Base Kit after the Forged In Fog Chapter was released for several weeks.

  • While using his Power, The Knight is now forced out of Guard Summon Mode after 10 seconds. 
  • While tracing a Patrol Path, The Knight’s Orb shrinks with distance travelled and disappears completely after 10m.  
  • When The Knight creates a Patrol Path longer than 10m, he will gain the Haste Status Effect. The Effect’s duration depends on the length of the Path, beginning at 2 seconds and increasing to 10 seconds at the maximum distance of 32m. The 10-second duration was 6 seconds on the PTB.
  • When a Guard detects a Survivor: If your Patrol Path is over 10m, the time it takes that Guard to reach the Survivor has been decreased. This reduction depends on the length of your Path, ranging from the default 10% to a maximum of 25% if your Path reaches 32m. Basically, the longer your Patrol Path, the faster your Guard will move once he detects a Survivor.   
  • Using a Guard to damage a Generator now grants an instant 5% loss of progress (previously 2.5%).   

Updates for Add-Ons

  • Healing Poultice: When Survivors are within 24m of The Assassin when he spawns, their locations will be revealed for 5 seconds (up from 3).   

The Nurse

The Nurse has a unique place in the Killer Roster. Although her Power may be difficult to master, she can be quite deadly in experienced hands, especially with certain Perks that enhance her mobility.

The Nurse is the latest Killer to get her own menu, as well as a new Terror Radius and Chase Music.

Base Kit:

  • Any Attack made after Blinking is now a Blink Attack, not a Basic Attack. This will impact how The Nurse synergizes with certain Perks, including those that trigger the Exposed Status Effect.  

Updates to Add-Ons

  • Catatonic Boy’s Treasure: Reduces extra fatigue from Chain Blinks by 65% (was 100).   
  • Dark Cincture: Increases movement speed after a Blink but before the following fatigue by 30%.  
  • Heavy Panting: Extends the duration of a Lunge by 30% after more than one Blink.  
  • Ataxic Respiration: Reduces base Blink fatigue duration by 7% (was 12%).  
  • Fragile Wheeze: Blink Attacks inflict the Mangled status effect.  
  • Campbell’s Last Breath: After reappearing from a fully charged Blink, The Nurse immediately Blinks again at full charge in the direction she is currently facing. This only works if The Nurse has a remaining Blink charge (was originally a half-charged Blink).  
  • “Bad Man’s” Last Breath: Hitting a Survivor with a successful Blink Attack grants the Undetectable status effect for 25 seconds (up from 16). This effect may be only triggered once every 45 seconds (down from 60).  
  • Kavanaugh’s Last Breath: When succumbing to fatigue, any Survivors within 8 meters of The Nurse are afflicted with the Blindness status effect for 60 seconds.  
  • Jenner’s Last Breath: Once The Nurse has exhausted all her Blinks, The Nurse can immediately Blink back to her original position by pressing the Active Ability Button. Must be triggered before The Nurse succumbs to fatigue. After returning to her original position, one Blink charge is restored (added restoration of 1 Blink charge; this is a change from the PTB where all charges were restored).  
  • Torn Bookmark: Adds 1 Blink charge. Increases Blink recharge time by 30% (was 50%).  
  • Matchbox: Sets maximum number of Blink charges to 1. Increases The Nurse’s base movement speed to 4.4 m/s (was 4.2 m/s, no longer allows other addons to increase Blink charges).

The following has been altered:

  • Improved feedback for the Spasmodic Breath Add-On. 
  • Updated Blink recharge audio to give a better indication of when Blink charges are full.

Crows' Eyrie Map

The map on Eyrie of Crows has received an additional balance pass in order to make it more enjoyable to play both for Survivor and Killer.

  • The Map’s length has been shortened.
  • Generators are more evenly distributed.
  • The main building has been moved toward the Map’s edge. 
  • The strength of certain main building loops has been decreased.
  • New tiles have been added.
  • Dead Zones have been reduced around the border.  
  • The Exit Gate no longer inadvertently spawns behind the main building.  
  • Certain rocks will no longer spawn close to Hooks, causing collision issues.  
  • An alternate Generator has been added to the main building.  

Bug Fixes

PlayStation is a game that allows you to play games.

  • The PlayStation Store banner no longer remains visible outside of the store.  
  • PlayStation players should no longer have trouble inviting or joining their friends in a match. 

The Windows Store has a lot of content.

  • Players should no longer be unable to successfully purchase Auric Cells on the Windows Store. 


  • The proper SFX will now play when a match is found. 
  • The blood SFX will no longer play when a Hooked Survivor enters the Struggle Phase.  
  • The Locker exit SFX is no longer unaffected by the Quick & Quiet Perk. 
  • The Music no longer continues playing while a Survivor is being Sacrified. 
  • Raised the volume of the Legion’s blood wiping SFX. 

The Knight of Columbus

  • The Knight’s Guards no longer get stuck in various places on the Mount Ormond Map. 

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