In the midst of the Ukraine war, 4A provides extensive Metro Exodus mod support and updates the metro

In the midst of the Ukraine war, 4A provides extensive Metro Exodus mod support and updates the metr ...

Despite its close proximity to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Ukrainian developer 4A Games is still working on the Metro series, according to an in-depth studio update published today. This long blog post provides insight into the lives of the teams who have been on the front lines of Russia's occupation of Ukraine.

The following is shared by 4A:

Each member of the studio has been affected, but they have not put their efforts to the test. In fact, 4A claims that Russia's assault has already altered the series' future, with the next entry taking shape as a reflection of the ongoing conflict.

"Yes, we've always wanted to entertain and immerse you in our post-apocalyptic world," 4A said. "And the Ukraine conflict has forced us to reconsider what kind of story the next Metro should be about. All of the Metro themes are now part of our everyday lives, so we're incorporating them into the game with a fresh purpose."

The next Metro game is obviously coming along slowly, but 4A is still pushing forward. Today, all Metro Exodus owners on PC can download the game's editor for free, enabling extensive mod support for the studio's 2019 post-apocalyptic FPS. This means user-generated content can be created with the same tools as the developers have access to.

The EULA is a bit jarring, but the most important thing to keep in mind is this: you can't sell anything you make with it, nor can you reuse it for commercial purposes, according to 4A. "This is a piece of software that is purely intended for the community, and we hope you will be inspired to make some truly crazy things."

4A's Metro Exodus SDK is the current version of a software that it has been developing since it began in 2005, and it's now in everyone's hands. Check out the full blog post here. If you want to try your hand at creating Metro Exodus content, get it on Steam, Epic Games, or GOG.

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