Isagi Levels Up and Unlocks New Teammate Baro in Blue Lock Episode 15

Isagi Levels Up and Unlocks New Teammate Baro in Blue Lock Episode 15 ...

Blue Lock episode 15 aired on Saturday, giving us another fantastic episode from start to finish. The animation and artwork were exceptional, as it always is with every episode, and the intensity never sounded like it lacked any sort of weight.

The Good News

The most heart-pumping moments in Blue Lock are usually not from Isagi, but rather from the series' side characters. In this episode, both the production staff and Kazuki Ura (Isagi's voice actor) executed well. That's not removing Baro's natural ability to change the game in an instant, or Nagi's pure athleticism.

Isagi and Nagi are the obvious choices, as is Baro, who is now collaborating with the most powerful player in Isagi and Mr. Awareness himself in Isagi, forming a dangerous power trio that isn't easily predicted. However, Kunigami's shot, Chigiri's speed, and Reo's passing are the key characteristics of Blue Lock.

The Questionable

While Blue Lock's side characters do, indeed, have more enjoyable moments than Isagi himself, that's not to say that the team's emotional impact would've been greater for Isagi, Nauyahara, and myself as a viewer. However, his entire character was left with a big sigh of "meh."

Naruhaya's parents dying when he was young and growing up poor right before he was about to lose the match felt completely out of place. And his disregard for Isagi only made me cry out loud when he was knocked out of Blue Lock completely.

The Frustrating Moments

Isagi's frustrating part was always talking to himself and narrating every single single detail about what was happening around him. It's part of his character's awareness and adaptability abilities, and that's why it's so frustrating.

Isagi cannot anticipate a game until it happens or after certain events occur, so his awareness and adaptability are real-time. Sometimes I wish to have some big moments happen with little Isagi monologues, or at least until after a big moment occurs. This way is much more efficient and doesn't stop the intense play either.

What Blue Locks Can Be The Best

Blue Lock's 15th episode has shown that no other anime series right now is capable of keeping fans up to watch it. And now that Isagi joined forces with Baro and may face Kunigami and Chigiri, as well as having Nagi and Reo face off, it gives Blue Lock fans another reason to be excited for the next episode.

At no time have I thought, "I'll be disappointed with the next episode of Blue Lock," or that "the next episode will be boring." That's because you know that every time you order a milkshake, the person who makes it is going to be fantastic. But once in a while, you get that homemade milkshake that's leaps and bounds above the one you've come to expect from the shop.

Blue Lock Episode 16 will air on Crunchyroll on Saturday, January 28, with an episode rating of 8.8/10. Make sure to vote for Blue Lock Episode 15 in our weekly poll!

Crunchyroll's photos: Mueyuki Kaneshiro, Yusuke Nomura, and Kodansha/"Blue Lock" Production Committee

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