Season 1 of Physical: 100 Review of a real-life Squid Game

Season 1 of Physical: 100 Review of a real-life Squid Game ...

Physical: 100, a Korean reality show on Netflix, is a review, although there are no significant spoilers in it.

Physical: 100 is the first Korean reality survival series on Netflix, so reality enthusiasts, get ready as this series pits participants against one another in a quest to earn the honor of the highest rank. This is a nicely sized cash reward, which also includes a lot of physical fitness.

The Reality Competition Premises in Physical: 100 Season 1

This series made me think of Ninja Warrior meets Squid Game. This is a fantastic weekend night watch while you're having your tea, judging these individuals who are at their healthiest state while we snack.

Singles Inferno, a K-Pop dancer, Youtubers, rappers, Judo masters, and Olympic Gold medalists are among the series' celebrities. A wide range of characters for viewers to route for

This series, like the ever-popular series Squid Game, has the motto, "Fight to survive", although no one actually dies on it. It's about testing your physical and mental abilities and pushing yourself to your limits. The first challenge is to hang from metal bars until there is one left, while hanging over water, so you'll fall into something safely.

When a contest loses, they have to find their own. In a future challenge, if a contest loses, they have to smash their bust. This isn't a cheesy host or comedic voice-over, nor is there a live audience supporting the contestants.

Whilst it is a clear competition, there is still a lot of team spirit around the participants as they watch and cheer each other on. This is extremely nice to see. Each participant is genuine and genuine, and you can tell them they appreciate and appreciate what it takes to get here.

Is Physical: 100 a good value?

Yes, I think this series will be enjoyable and motivating for anyone who likes reality game shows and fitness. I anticipate more seasons of it as there will always be contestants competing for the Physical:100. I was immersed into watching to see who would take the prize.

What did you think of the Netflix Korean reality series Physical: 100 Season 1? Let us know in the comments below.

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