How to Farm EXP with Fire Emblem Engage Gold, Silver, and Training Skirmishes

How to Farm EXP with Fire Emblem Engage Gold, Silver, and Training Skirmishes ...

When it comes to farming EXP, Fire Emblem Engage is a fairly balanced game. If you are playing on a normal difficulty, you may not need to grind. However, if you are playing on a Maddening difficulty, you may need an extra resource. These standard, gold, silver, and training optional battles are fantastic for anyone who wants to earn EXP.

Depending on whether you choose the Fast Travel option on the World Map, there are four different kinds of Skirmish that may appear. Three kinds of icons indicate what to anticipate at a glance.

Standard and Training Skirmishes are designated with a green icon in the middle. Standard is a basic, ordinary Skirmish. Each unit who participated will earn 50 XP for showing up.

Silver and Gold Skirmishes are the other two options in Fire Emblem Engage. When defeated, you'll earn more EXP and SP, which is particularly useful when battling EXP in Fire Emblem Engage Skirmishes.

There will always be a “warning” before you entered the Skirmish battle. This will let you know whether or not your character should be using a Base or Advanced class. It will also inform you which donation level for the region will be most beneficial to you if you undertake that task.

As you play the game, you'll see new Skirmishes come and go. If you want to, go to your Switch's actual system settings to change the date and time. But really, it's simpler to just play the game, go through the Skirmishes already available, and clear them out to make time progress and more eventually appear. Even standard Skirmishes are worth your time.

The Nintendo Switch now has Fire Emblem Engage.

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