The Player of the Attic responds to criticism following his last video

The Player of the Attic responds to criticism following his last video ...

Following the feedback on his previous video, the Player of the Attic explains himself.

Published on 01/24/2023 at 16:17

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Le Joueur du Grenier released its Christmas video with a little delay. Since he and his team focused on video games in the Bible, he shared a little behind the scenes of this video like no other.

A Christmas JDG on Bible Games

The Attic Player shared a FAQ video last month. It was an opportunity to review the activities undertaken this year and those to come. It was also an opportunity for the Grenier brothers to talk about the Christmas JDG, which they thought was a waste of time.

The introduction to this somewhat unexpected topic was announced in January. Fred returned to his Twitch channel to offer his thanks and commentary. It's a great achievement, although the video was not won.

Religion, a sensitive topic, is a topic that needs to be addressed.

Impossible to please everyone. That the Player of the Attic knows it well. He first received some criticism about the videos' depictions of Catholics and Christians. On this point, he has already made his mea culpa live. And on this same live, another less well-founded and more malicious criticism came out: "What about Muslim games?"

This is a non-issue for the Attic Player, who obviously hasn't seen the video yet, and it is therefore natural that he prefers to ignore their criticisms. We applaud the teams for achieving such a high standard of filming on a sensitive topic without offending the first person.

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