Instructions for the correct use of the power bank (powerbank)

Instructions for the correct use of the power bank (powerbank) ...

A good quality portable battery can last for 5 years. The only problem is that after a few hundred charge cycles, it will inevitably lose capacity. However, it will still be suitable for charging mobile devices. Moreover, because of unintentional handling, the gadget may become a danger.

It is preferable to get a power bank for your phone from a trusted shop. Purchasing on the secondary market is not the most rational choice. It is almost impossible to know how the previous owner handled the external battery.

Before long-term use, calibration is done.

Any device with a built-in battery needs to be calibrated. This is the term given to the process of bringing batteries to their maximum efficiency.

To calibrate a new power bank, it must be charged up to 100% and completely discharged three times in a row. If the energy intensity is low, you can handle it in a day. With high power, you will have to spend more time.

The indication assists in recognizing that the power bank has been fully charged. It is of two kinds:

Normal — in the form of lights. Digital — in the form of a display on which data is displayed.

Storage in a stale state is a must.

Keep your power bank charged is wrong. "Reset" batteries wear out faster. The ideal charge level is 60-80%, according to most newly purchased gadgets from warehouses.

Better to charge the portable battery to 100 percent and then discharge it a little before it is stored, rather than to stop the charge cycle at 70 or 80 percent.

Entrance into the profession is incomplete.

External electric batteries are not recommended to be discharged to zero, as with a smartphone or laptop. When the charge percentage approaches 20, you can already look for an outlet to connect to the power supply.

Using a superior cable

The following are the basic requirements for a power cord for charging a portable battery:

Sufficient length. The power bank should not "hang" on the wire. Solid insulation. In the absence of visible mechanical damage, it is advisable to replace the cable with a serviceable one. A "plug" made of poor materials may remain in the power bank when disconnected abruptly.

Overheating and hypothermia are protected.

Prolonged exposure to heat or cold may result in unpleasant consequences, such as a loss of capacity, charging difficulties, and random shutdown.

When charging, the power bank can overheat itself. If a significant increase in temperature is detected, disconnect the battery from the charger. This will help cool the battery down and reduce the risk of failure.

If a portable battery is dropped from a great height, it may explode. It is important to keep it in a small pocket, or on uneven surfaces.

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