Apple Arcade Update New game, new content

Apple Arcade Update New game, new content ...

The sequel to the famous "Pocket Card Jockey: Ride On!" has been released exclusively on Apple Arcade. Prepare for this innovative mixture of solitaire and horse racing from Game Freak, the makers of the "Pokémon" series.

The Nintendo 3DS remake of the famous "Pocket Card Jockey" is still in use, but the racing segments have been rebuilt in 3D.

A new jetpack skin (Gumdrop Dispenser) and a new avatar (Red Photon) are among the new story levels.

In this brand new side story, Simon's Cat is on his way to the vet. You may assist Ana in decorating her waiting area, but beware of her cockatoo, who likes to quote lines from his favourite movies.

Take a look at the next three chapters of Game of Hearts.

This update includes new puzzle stages as well as the possibility to expand your zoo further.

The in-game event "Cheese Lovers' Day" has begun.

Meet Frank, the mysterious man who has roamed the world for years. Unlock his newfound surfer, discover his incredible powers, Anti-Gravity, and defeat Dog to create an all-new outfit.

Check out the Lunar New Year seasonal event where you may win prizes for the year of the rabbit can win, including the new Golden Hare Blade.

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