User against using Denuvo on Steam in Hogwarts Legacy

User against using Denuvo on Steam in Hogwarts Legacy ...

The digital Deluxe Edition of Hogwarts Legacy will be released for the PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch in exactly two weeks. Fans are currently debating whether or not Denuvo tamper protection is necessary for Hogwarts Legacy.

Denuvo: is it a curse or a blessing?

Denuvo is used for the role-playing game Hogwarts Legacy as an additional system requirement (buy now €79.99 / €53.99) as a DRM (Digital Rights Management) program. This makes the games more difficult to pirate or crack.

Denuvo has been reported a few times by experts that it causes performance problems and frame rate drops, so that a number of games had to remove it in subsequent updates. Both Rise of the Tomb Raider and Shadow of the Tomb Raider were removed shortly after their release.

Denuvo for Hogwarts Legacy is not desired by the Steam community.

Many users feel that Denuvo is ineffective for Steam. If there are server issues, you will not be able to authenticate and play. If they turn off authentication or something else, you will no longer be able to play. If you have a weak internet connection, you will not be able to play.

Is it better to copy than to boycott?

Many others argue that omitting the third-party program will result in more pirate copies of Hogwarts Legacy, since there have been many calls on social media to play the game, if you don't want to boycott it, rather than cracking the original version, and not giving any money to JK Rowling, although she still benefits financially from the project and the merchandise sales it boosted.

PC game lovers are also very popular.

Any discussions on the upcoming RPG Hogwarts Legacy are prohibited on the popular Internet forum Resetera.

New information about Hogwarts Legacy reveals what will not be included in the role-playing game.

Is there no Denuvo on the Epic Games Store?

Hogwarts Legacy is available on Steam and the Epic Games Store for purchase. Denuvo is not mentioned in the Epic Games Store. However, all PC versions of the game may still be protected from tampering.

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