Sony OLED TV A90K 42: Brutal for Everything!

Sony OLED TV A90K 42: Brutal for Everything! ...

What to say about a manufacturer who knows what it's doing in the world of TVs, and who also dominates the world of consoles with its PlayStation ecosystem? Well, if you want a quality TV to play games with, you don't have to go very far!

The 42” Sony OLED TV A90K is designed to serve both as a premium TV for PlayStation 5, and, if you want, as a high-end monitor for your high-end PC. Something strange, because this isn't even Sony's top-of-the-range TV!

Yes, you read that correctly, this A90K OLED is above the A80K OLED we've already tested, and, naturally, it's lower than the QD-OLED technology, which we've also tested, and truth be told, we didn't see it.

Let's see what this 42" TV is worth, while at the same time?

Because Sony has a different focus, this TV is available in a 42” as well as a 48” size.

This Sony OLED A90K was designed and developed for console and PC gamers.

By the way, this TV is from the "Perfect for PS5" series, and for that very reason, it has some very useful features that will be useful while you play, such as Auto HDR Tone Mapping and Auto Genre Picture Mode.

To clarify what we have at hand, let's go by parts.

Sony excels in this area, with the television appearing to be very compact but at the same time, also being strong, something that is not always right in the OLED world, where the panel is made of a thin and fragile glass panel..

The OLED TV was the easiest to install and disassemble; it was also the easiest to keep in my small bedroom setup, which serves both to play games and to watch the traditional Netflix at night. The reason for this is quite simple: the TV is able to have extremely thin edges across the whole panel.

Despite the fact that Sony isn't known for being a low-cost manufacturer, the truth is that this TV looks more costly than it appears to be.

This TV has two HDMI 2.1 inputs, as well as two other HDMI 2.0 inputs, just like the A95K. That is, in the first two entries, we have the much-coveted 4K at 120Hz, with VRR and ALLM included.

A few other bonuses include PS5-exclusive features, which in turn imply incredible color accuracy, or more specifically, the colors that the development teams for each game wanted you to see (Yes, one of the HDMI 2.1 inputs supports eARC).

We have here a Google TV OS that is integrated with the vast majority of Sony TVs, which includes a microphone to communicate with Google Assistant.

Playing on this TV was one of my best experiences with the Sony PlayStation 5 in my hands.

The quality of the OLED panel allows us to have an undeniable image quality with this TV connected to our PC. However, in the gaming world, a product designed for this use may be more beneficial.

This A90K is fantastic, both for video viewing and for consoles, thanks to Sony's proprietary image processing, which at times makes us believe we have an A95K ahead of us. It's remarkable, because most of the time, it's possible to see an exaggeration of image processing, which makes the image vivid, but above all realistic.

Another bonus is the contrast, this time thanks to the OLED panel.

The use of a good sound system or headphones is another area where the TV excels.

To watch a series or movie late at night, it's necessary, with a quality that matches the price of the television.

The Sony A90K OLED is unsurpassed. It promises to be capable of everything, or practically everything, and in fact, delivers on almost everything. This is normal, given that this is already a higher-end TV.

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