Which wrestlers are on the roster in WWE 2K23?

Which wrestlers are on the roster in WWE 2K23? ...

WWE 2K23 is a new iteration of the series developed by Visual Concepts and focused on wrestling, which is ready to face new challenges and new surprises, including a WarGames Match and a new mode MyGM.

Fans will be interested to know how diverse the roster of playable wrestlers within the new episode, which is largely a matter of content: WWE 2K23 is a very popular series.

Drew McIntyre Cody Rhodes Becky Lynch Ronda Rousey Bianca Belair Rhea Hulk Hogan Stone Cold Steve Austin Bad Bunny (Bonus Pre-Order) Confermati via carte MyFaction: Edge, Asuka, Randy Orton OVW

In the run-up to the market launch, this list is likely to be partial and will be continuing to evolve in the coming weeks. I will update as soon as other names are confirmed. Here's when WWE 2K23 will be released, plus all the information about the Pre-Order Bonus and the Early Access.

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