Saga of Sins, a stained glass adventure with a twist, has been announced

Saga of Sins, a stained glass adventure with a twist, has been announced ...

Bonus Level Entertainment, a German independent development studio, has announced the release of its next game, the arcade game Saga of Sins, which will be available shortly for PC and consoles. The main attraction of the game is however, the fact that it is not just a release date, but a demo too.

What is the meaning of the Saga of Sins?

Cecil, the cleric who must cleanse a village of the seven deadly sins, is able to transform into four demonic creatures, such as a gargoyle or a werewolf, in the arcade game.

Saga of Sins has ten puzzle sections that will challenge your brain cells, as well as battles against the actual seven deadly sins. The stained glass look may be seen from church windows, but the gameplay is quite different.

01:27Saga of Sins: Arcade Game Trailer with stained glass graphics

PC games lovers are also interested in this game.

Amplitude Studios' development team is currently offering a full version for PC, but hurry.

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When will the Saga of Sins be released?

Saga of Sins is scheduled to be released on PC, PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch on March 30, 2023. A demo is also available for download on Steam.

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