Ubisoft has hired a Horizon veteran: he will handle the social interactions of the new games

Ubisoft has hired a Horizon veteran: he will handle the social interactions of the new games ...

Ubisoft continues to revamp itself in order to cope with all the hurdles, and to do so it employs new employees to enhance the gaming experiences offered by the house of Assassin's Creed.

Bernd Diemer, an experienced gaming designer, has recently joined Ubisoft as the editorial vice president, and will be responsible for shaping the social interactions of the French studio's next games. Diemer has given his contribution to titles such as Horizon Zero Dawn, Star Wars Battlefront II, Crysis, Battlefield V, and Dead Island 2, both as game designers and as creative and design directors.

"It's an honor to join Ubisoft and be able to collaborate with talented teams from across the world so we can shape the future of social experiences in Ubisoft games," says Diemer, who goes on to say that the company's teams "are well-known for their ability to create dynamic and diverse communities, through innovative features and powerful brands that allow players to strike common ground."

Social elements within the videogame industry are playing an increasingly important role, not only as potential revenue sources, but also as real digital social spaces where they may host important events (think about Fortnite concerts). Ubisoft therefore wants to focus more closely on these aspects in its games.

"Games today are far more than just entertainment, they are virtual spaces where individuals may make connections and have meaningful experiences," according to Ubisoft senior vice president Marie-Sophie de Waubert, who adds: "Social experiences are always an integral part of Ubisoft's efforts to broaden its reach," and therefore we welcome Bernd to our Global Creative Office, where he will work closely with our production team to realize our vision of games as a place where individuals may truly be themselves and discover their community

Ubisoft was recently identified as developing a dozen Battle Royale games in recent times, which is unsurprising considering de Waubert's intentions and Diemer's joining the company. All that remains is to see what contribution the veteran game designer will make to Ubisoft.

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