The most sought after and intricate LEGO vehicle is now up for 27% off!

The most sought after and intricate LEGO vehicle is now up for 27% off! ...

News good deal LEGO sales: a 27% discount on the most sought-after and complex racing automobile!

Published on 01/24/2023 at 14:00

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This stunning Lamborghini Sián reproduction should appeal to you: it is now available on Amazon.

At a bargain price, the Lamborghini Sián from LEGO Technic has just been released.

LEGO sustains its incredible longevity for many reasons. Firstly, because the concept of tiny bricks is self-sufficient, allowing them to function endlessly on the simple imagination of those who buy them, but also because the Danish brand has been able to partner with the appropriate franchises.

LEGO goes even further than that, as it is a trusted partner with legendary brands, like Lamborghini! This reproduction of the Sián FKP 37 is a must-see item during winter sales: Amazon sells it for 326.99 euros instead of 447.99 euros, a -27% reduction.

The Lamborghini Sián can be purchased for €326.99 on Amazon.

The LEGO Technic line from LEGO is quite unusual: it only offers a few examples of varied vehicles, such as supercars, movie cars, or construction machinery, but it does have a stunning finish. For the first time, the Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 falls into this first category.

The LEGO is then assembled with 3696 components : a huge undertaking, yes, but worth the effort when you see all the components housed inside. For example, there's a 8-speed sequential transmission, a detailed disc brake system, a V12 engine with moving pistons (!), 4-wheel drive, and even the famous scissor opening doors.

The Viktor 40 is an outstanding model to display at home, whether in your living room, bedroom, or on any shelf, because of its vivid colors, its large dimension, and its striking box..

The Lamborghini Sián may be purchased for €326.99 on Amazon.

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