Which is better, the Signal Amplifier or the Powerline?

Which is better, the Signal Amplifier or the Powerline? ...

Despite the advancement of wireless networks, many of us still have serious issues with the quality of our home Internet. By the way, many national operators promote the use of signal amplifiers (repeaters) in order to "sell" a solution to many of these issues.

I must admit that, personally, I dislike this type of product, preferring (almost) always, the use of a reliable powerline, particularly those from Devolo, which have never let me down.

Whether or not you have any clue what changes are made? What is the purpose of each of these devices? Let's go by parts.

There is no absolute correct answer for every use case in this life. That is, there are occasions when it makes perfect sense to use a powerline, while others when it makes more sense to install a repeater/signal amplifier, because it will solve the problem and it is much less expensive.

It's probably a good idea to explain what each of these devices does.

A signal booster connects to your router, and it will "repear" the signal that comes up. This allows you to extend the range of your router at an extremely attractive price, as a good signal amplifier is almost always much cheaper than a powerline device of equivalent quality.

This is the most appropriate solution for small homes.

The powerline option allows you to send your internet signal across your home's electrical system.

Imagine that you want good internet in your bedroom, on the first floor, but the router is in the living room, on the ground floor. With a powerline device, it is possible to send the Internet signal directly to your room, and even create a wireless network, if you choose the appropriate powerline device for the purpose.

It is a better choice for big houses, or for more specific situations, such as the one illustrated above.

Again, you must take into account the situation you are in, and of course, the amount of money you want to spend. Typically, a good amplifier will do the job for a smaller house.

Despite its size, the powerline solution is more attractive in a larger house, but you must also bear in mind that it is usually more costly, and that distance and electrical installation can result in loss of signal quality.

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