The Level Designer for Skydance: God of War Ragnarok has joined the Marvel family

The Level Designer for Skydance: God of War Ragnarok has joined the Marvel family ...

Elizabeth Wright spent her last stint as a level designer for "God of War: Ragnarök" at Skydance New Media. There she will join Amy Hennig's team on a new Marvel project.

The action game "God of War: Ragnarök", developed by Sony Santa Monica Studios, was released for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Elizabeth Wright, a level designer for "God of War: Ragnarök," aided in the film's outstanding outcome. Wright stated through her official Twitter channel that she had decided to seek for a new creative challenge and left Sony Santa Monica.

Amy Hennig is currently working with Skydance New Media on a new Marvel project that was first announced in September last year.

Marvel Universe's New Story

Elizabeth Wright will join the Marvel team and design the Marvel title at a senior level. So basically all we know is that we can look forward to a brand new narrative set in the Marvel Universe that puts us in a fictionalized version of WWII.

The heroes include a young version of Captain America aka Steve Rogers, Black Panther (Azzuri), Gabriel Jones, and Nanali. Moreover, intuitive controls and engaging action have been promised. According to the designers, the story's development will be based on numerous well-known comics, films, and series.

Skydance New Media hasn't revealed when the official release of the Marvel title will take place. No information has been provided regarding the platforms supplied. However, we can certainly expect PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S implementations.

More information on Skydance New Media

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