This 32-inch 4K monitor from Gigabyte is on sale for 50 off

This 32-inch 4K monitor from Gigabyte is on sale for 50 off ...

€50 off this 32-inch 4K monitor from Gigabyte as part of a news good deal.

Published on 01/24/2023 at 13:00

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Gigabyte is a prominent player in the gaming industry and is offering a fantastic display during the 2023 winter sales.

The M32U from Gigabyte is priced at €599.90 in sales in 2023.

PC gamers who seek for a screen are spoilt for choice due to the wide variety of diagonals and different performances offered in this industry. Once the decision on what the purchaser wants to associate with his configuration is made, it is still necessary to have considered the budget.

At Rue du Commerce, you can get the Gigabyte M32U for €599.9.

It is not unusual to see the price of screens skyrocket when the performance of its most recent ones is put to the test in order to get the most out of the most powerful configurations.

It's therefore unsurprising to see Gigabyte enter the gaming industry with a M32U, which usually sells for €649.90.

Rue du Commerce has offered to save money on this model in order to enable you to receive it for a lower price during this sales period.

This 32-inch 4K monitor is available for purchase.

This Gigabyte M32U is a screen that is primarily dedicated to gaming and which has a very interesting diagonal of 32 inches in 4K resolution. It's just that to enjoy it in good condition, you'll need a very solid configuration or a current generation console.

Gigabyte offers here a model with a low latency rate of 1ms and a 144Hz image refresh ability. This is particularly true with the implementation of FreeSync Premium, which allows you to maintain a fluid image.

A DisplayPort 1.4 socket is included, as well as two HDMI 2.1 ports, making this a great way to enjoy latest generation consoles in 4K and 120 fps in excellent conditions. A screen dedicated to gaming, whether on console or PC.

At Rue du Commerce, you can get the Gigabyte M32U for €599.9.

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