A new demo version of Aloft has been released

A new demo version of Aloft has been released ...

The new demo update for Astrolabe Interactive's co-op floating island sandbox game Aloft has been released today, as well as some new gameplay. The demo update includes new characters, environments, a simplified building mode, a photo mode, and more.

Astrolabe has released a teaser to commemorate the release of Aloft, which allows you to "survive on floating islands caught in an eternal hurricane" while upgrading your equipment. "You'll get to the top altitudes and overcome their challenges."

"Our team is extremely proud of the recognition we have received from industry experts so far." said Manuel, CEO of Astrolabe Interactive. "We are excited to participate in other Steam events this year to demonstrate all the improvements we have made to Aloft's popular demo since its introduction last summer."

Although Aloft isn't ready for release just yet, the following are expected to be included during its initial release:

  •  Creative Sail Crafting – Build the perfect sails for your floating island. Adjust the height and width of masts, rotate and expand your canvas, move around anchor points, and inflate/deflate the cloth to craft any decoration you can imagine. Use your sails to move your island and navigate the sky. Fly on wind currents and jet streams to move faster.
  • Head In The Clouds – Craft buildings to protect you from the harsh wind or simply let the wind pass through. Use your glider to move quickly across your archipelago of floating islands. Farm crops and raise livestock by gathering water from passing clouds, erect windmills that automate your machines, and admire the amazing view. Jump off and fly freely using your glider. Dance among the clouds with a friendly bird or two.
  • Cleanse Corruption – Some islands are corrupted by a dangerous form of fungal infection. Toxic and colorful mushrooms grow on top of contaminated flora and poison the local wildlife. Develop treatments for various forms of fungi and cleanse the islands of infection. Gain access to new animal companions, livestock, crops, and resources by healing and freeing the ecosystem.
  • Brave The Hurricane – A giant hurricane in the middle of the map hides the answers to your past and future in its eye. Endure rock fragments, lightning strikes, toxic spores and freezing temperatures to complete your journey through the tempest. If you listen closely, the bellows of ancient leviathans can be heard through the storm…
  • Wind Automation – Build windmills to harness the power of the hurricane and automate machines across your island. Optimize your windmill placement and chase the best winds to power your production. Create automated oars for navigation, machines for crafting advanced resources, or traps to protect your islands against enemies.
  • Island Editor – Create your own floating island in Aloft’s Island Editor. Save it and show it off in your world, or export and transfer it to a friend’s game.
  • 8-Player Co-op – Jump into an adventure with up to 7 other friends and conquer the skies together. Chain attacks while fighting as a group, take on a meaningful role in your day-to-day activities, and sail as a team to explore and discover more of Aloft’s world.

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