The NYPD has discovered an AirTag tracking patrol vehicle

The NYPD has discovered an AirTag tracking patrol vehicle ...

Officers at the New York Police Department discovered an Apple AirTag hidden under their automobile's hood. The agency has yet to trace the AirTag back to its owner.

The device was discovered underneath the vehicle's hood, sealed in a small plastic bag, according to the New York Daily News.

The AirTag's anti-stalking feature was likely to alert officers to the tracker's presence. The feature sends a notification to nearby iPhones when an AirTag is nearby.

"Keep an increased level of vigilance, in light of the anti-police sentiment we have witnessed not only here, but across the United States," according to the NYPD's chief of housing. "Continue looking out for each other and be safe."

Apple stated that it is working with law enforcement to avoid "unwanted tracking" via AirTags last year.

AirTag was created to assist individuals in discovering their personal belongings, rather than to track other persons' personal belongings, and we condemn in the strongest terms any unlawful use of our products.

(Via AppleInsider)

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