Is Phil still married to Carmen from Love Without Borders?

Is Phil still married to Carmen from Love Without Borders? ...

'Love Without Borders' is a dating reality television series that assists eligible singles who have found it difficult to find love outside their country. He turned to relationship expert Arica Angelo, who match him with the gorgeous Carmen Holzer-Nkrumah, a Ghanaian woman.

Phil packed his bags and decided to find his soul mate in Ghana, Africa's western region. The relationship nevertheless encountered setbacks. Fans must be curious to know whether or not the pair split up or managed to build their lives around each other before one of their visas expired.

The Journey of Phil and Carmen to Love Without Borders

Phil and Carmen became instantly connected and decided to move on. He wants to carry on his father's art and find a partner who is comparable to him, who he calls his "soulmate." Carmen also wants a partner who she could trust and who would make her feel accepted and special.

Phil, a musician and artist, remained single for over seven months and celibate for four years until he met Carmen, a fashionista. The couple planned a romantic picnic near a beautiful waterfall, where they discussed their interests, and Phil surprised Carmen with a large bouquet of flowers. Carmen replied, "Because you deserve the world."

After a bee bit Carmen, Phil had to call it quits. He had to wrap up his date. He even told his friends that he is a "hopeless romantic" after making an original song for Carmen that he believed in him.

Is Phil still married to Carmen?

Phil and Carmen were unable to reconcile after filming was halted. Carmen's Twitter revealed nothing about the current state of the relationship. However, we believe the pair are still together and enjoying themselves, and have chosen to keep their relationship hidden from the media in order to avoid unnecessary drama.

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