Is Mael still married to Aaron from Love Without Borders?

Is Mael still married to Aaron from Love Without Borders? ...

'Love Without Borders' is a dating reality show for singles who are open to the possibility of finding love abroad and settling down in a foreign country. Aaron Motacek and Mael Lucas are both excited about giving their friendship the benefit of the doubt.

The Journey of Mael and Aaron in Love Without Borders

Aaron, an optometrist and full-stack developer from Fargo, North Dakota, has flown all the way to France to meet Mael, a Parisian masseuse. The first time they met, Mael went out with an umbrella because it was raining.

Aaron grew taller than the bed and complained about the amount of things. They discussed briefs and boxers and later visited the Seine River Bridge in Paris. Mael suggested they put a lock on, but Aaron thought it was an extra charge since they weren't committed yet. Soon, they met and Aaron gave him some flowers.

When Mael said how we loved the food, Aaron said it tasted like cheesecake, he was offended. He later indicated that he was interested in Aaron. However, in episode 5, Mael used his magical fingers to massage Aaron.

In the next episode, the couple appeared to connect and went to Mael's home. In the car, they discussed his future goals, and Mael replied, "I don't know."

Aaron informed his partner's family that they did not intend to get engaged romantically. He said he didn't like to lie on the couch with other people until he met Mael. He later denied that he was putting anything in the ground.

Mael outright tells Aaron that he doesn't need to be there if he is not interested because he wants to protect his heart. Erica, their relationship expert, then asked them not to give their relationship a second chance. After Aaron planned a lovely birthday date, their relationship started to blossom.

Aaron tried to have a heart-to-heart conversation with Mael, but he was too drunk, which aggravated him. On new year's Eve, Mael wanted Aaron to kiss him, but he did not reciprocate those feelings.

Is Mael and Aaron still married?

No, Aaron and Mael are not together. There are far too many reasons for the same. For starters, Aaron's demeanor on the program implied that he wants a person who is gentle and sweet, the opposite of Aaron's desires. Mael's supporters claim that he was unprepared for anything during the lockbridge conversation.

Aaron left out relationships in his five-year plan, implying that he might not be ready for commitment. The audience found all of this confusing and questioned why was he even on the program. Too many instances from the episodes indicate that Mael is appropriate for questioneding and protecting his feelings.

All of the factors point to the possibility that Aaron and Mael will not be together in the future.

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