Blueface calls out Akademiks for a fight in a $50K paternity test wager

Blueface calls out Akademiks for a fight in a $50K paternity test wager ...

The on-and-off relationship between Blueface and Chrisean Rock continues to dominate headlines even today. Fans are more or less used to the fact that Blueface may get physical at any moment. In fact, in the midst of all of his rock battles, he called out Akademiks for a fight.

The beef between Blueface and Akademiks has continued to dominate social media in recent months. The two began their feud earlier this month when they traded stories about their respective careers and financial difficulties.

Akademiks was chastised by Blueface for hate-watching his Crazy In Love reality series during a recent No Jumper interview. In response, Akademiks claimed that Blueface's $1.5 million "camouflage" house is in pre-foreclosure.

Blueface then went on to have a stalemate on social media, yelling all kinds of accusations at each other. He claimed he is currently "teaching" Akademiks about owning a house, while also clowning him for "barely leasing [his] first house at 31" and "in a room on twitch thanking people for playing with himself."

Blueface then shared a video of Akademiks challenging Lil Baby to a fight and presented the same challenge to the podcast host, revealing his readiness to fight.

DJ Akademiks resurfaced with a vengeance after mocking Blueface for sleeping with ten men while also offering $5,000 to each of the 10 men she claimed to sleep with.

During an interview with Blueface recently, Chrisean Rock was also carried away by security. Their tumultuous relationship will always be the focus of attention, even if it has nothing to do with the situation at hand, and that is unlikely to change.

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