There are ten must-see movies like Missing (2023)

There are ten must-see movies like Missing (2023) ...

There are ten films you must see like the 2023 film Missing. Add these suggestions to your wishlist.

Missing is a standalone sequel to the 2018 film Searching, directed and written by Nicholas D. Johnson and Will Merrick. The missing person is June's mother, who realizes with agony that her mother has disappeared while on vacation. Grace and Kevin take a trip to Columbia for a vacation.

We are plunged into a mystery thriller when June picks up the children from the airport. Everything appears to be as it should be.

With that in mind, we thought we would take a moment to investigate some other films that have a similar mystery at their core, so without further ado, here are 10 films like Missing to watch.

There are ten films worth watching that are similar to Missing (2023).

Kurt Russell and Kathleen Quinlan star as Jeff and Amy, a man and wife traveling across the desert to California, and Jeff goes looking for her, but nobody has ever seen Amy at the diner, and the driver who picked her up claims he has never seen her.

Jennifer Lawrence will play Ree in this gritty drama set on Ozark that finds a family on the verge of homelessness after their no-good father decides to skip bail and disappear. The house will be repossessed and Ree's kin, including her disabled mother, will be on the street if they can't find her.

This is another gripping thriller from Jodie Foster's portfolio, which centers on Jodie's daughter's disappearance mid-flight, and nobody on board seems to remember her or want to help. This is a fascinating story that will put you off flying for the rest of your life.

Another missing-person film with a lot of twists is found here. This time, a 4-year-old girl is at danger, and two private investigators are hired, who uncover a complicated plot of brutal crime and moral ambiguity.

This is a classic mystery thriller that may be a model for many of the films on this list. A missing person, no one acknowledging she was ever there, and a relentless search for the truth are all touched upon here. This is a masterclass in suspense for fans of film's golden age.

Another missing child is there, or is there? Damian Lewis plays Keane, a solitary man who is bewildered by the disappearance of his seven-year-old daughter. Despite the harrowing narrative, Lewis delivers a haunting performance.

Hank Deerfield is attempting to find out what happened to his son at Fort Rudd in New Mexico, which was nominated for an Academy Award. As he seeks for answers, he discovers a web of lies and deception.

In this twisted "did he didn't he?" drama thriller, Ben Affleck reports his wife Amy has disappeared. As the investigation progresses we are never sure what really happened, and as the couple's relationship becomes more exposed to the disturbing and nasty details that lie beneath.

In this heartbreaking missing person drama with a twist, Angelina Jolie plays Christine Collins. Despite her pleas, the authorities refuse to admit the truth, but Christine knows her son is still missing. Director Clint Eastwood manages to keep everything together.

This would be a great way to conclude this top ten list, although it isn't necessary, as it is technically part of a sort of missing persons franchise. The style it is presented in is similar to that of a documentary, although the narration is somewhat subdued on its release. It's nevertheless worth the effort and has led the way for Missing.

Do you have any other suggestions for films such as the 2023 film Missing? Please let us know!

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