Forspoken is a limited edition music, art, and content

Forspoken is a limited edition music, art, and content ...

The PS5 version of Forspoken is out today, and Square Enix is releasing a limited edition in Japan, aimed at PS5 gamers who are especially interested in experiencing Athian adventures. The Forspoken Limited Edition package is available on the Japanese Square Enix online store for 22,000 yen (about $170 USD).

The PS5 version of Forspoken is included in the Forspoken Limited Edition, while the special collector's box contains all of the game's contents.

The Forspoken Original Soundtrack is included as a "expanded edition" of the game. The game's soundtrack is three discs long, as well as a art book, The Art of Forspoken, which contains many art pieces and information about Athia and the game's characters.

The forspoken limited edition's last physical goodie is a original T-shirt with a special Frey design on the front.

Players that are just starting out will receive a few in-game bonuses as part of an in-game rare material pack, which includes crafting materials to give them a head start on their upgrades.

Forspoken: In Tanta We Trust is a planned story DLC for the Limited Edition that will be released in Summer 2023. Owners of the Limited Edition will be given early access to the content.

The "Whiskers" cape drapes Frey in a poppy cat-themed cloak, while the other is an exclusive reward for purchase through the Square Enix e-Store.

Forspoken is now available on PC and PlayStation 5. A playable demo is also available.

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