Samsung has requested that the US authorities crack down on third-party screen replacement companies

Samsung has requested that the US authorities crack down on third-party screen replacement companies ...

Samsung Display is attempting to prevent the importation of smartphone OLED screen replacements manufactured by other companies into the United States. The South Korean company has requested that the International Trade Commission (ITC) investigate the importation of third-party smartphone OLED panels for independent repair shops.

AMOLED panels for smartphones and tablets are protected by several patents. However, Chinese companies provide independent repair businesses with cheaper replacement OLED panels, prompting the business to file a lawsuit against the United States.

Section 337 of the Tariff Act (1930) authorized the ITC to conduct an investigation into this situation earlier this year. There's also the possibility for trade secret theft and patent infringement. Imports are prohibited in certain situations, and any attempt to import the specified items is prohibited.

Samsung's request may increase screen replacement prices due to the manufacturer's requirement.

If Samsung Display's request for a restriction were granted, small and medium-sized repair businesses would be able to import less expensive OLED panels from China much more often, and repair costs would increase.

According to people with knowledge of the situation who spoke with Engadget, Samsung's decision to pursue an import limitation rather than negotiate with Chinese OLED manufacturing would result in higher repair costs and longer waiting times for replacement parts. Despite Samsung Display's having made a statement to the ITC that it has the capability to sell OLED panels via official channels

According to experts, Samsung's case might affect both the iPhone and the Android repair market. Thus, Samsung would need to negotiate fair licensing fees for approved replacement components.

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