Marvel Snap: Our Patriot Decks Can Help You Up!

Marvel Snap: Our Patriot Decks Can Help You Up! ...

News Marvel Snap Tip: Climb the ladder with our Patriot decks!

Published on 01/24/2023 at 12:53

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There are no secrets to building good decks. Patriot is a very powerful card because it buffs your cards without powers in this article.

Deck Kazar/Patriot is a deck commander.

WaspSquirrel GirlMister SinisterShockerMystiquePatriotDebriiKazarBlue MarvelOnslaughtUltron Mystique WaspSquirrel GirlMister SinisterShockerMystiquePatriotDebriiKazarBlue MarvelOnslaughtUltronSquirrelSquirrelSquirrelSquirrelSquirrelSquirrelSquirrelSquirrelSquirrelSquirrelSquirrelSquirrelSquirrelSquirrelSquirrelSqui WaspSquirrel GirlMister SinisterShockerMystiquePatriotDebriiKazarBlue MarvelOnslaughtUltron

You will need to collect five cards from Pool 3 to make your first Marvel Snap deck. However, there are no cards from Pools 4 and 5. The goal is to focus on your low-cost cards.

Patriot will be able to add additional buffs to these cards with the Kazar + Blue Marvel combo.

Take Squirrel Girl, who has added squirrel cards, because these are cards that have no skills and will therefore be able to benefit from the Patriot's upgrades! For the late game, we have two options: Onslaught to maintain his buffering, or Ultron so that he can continue to benefit from the effects already present!

Deck Patriot/Silver Surfer

WaspMisty KnightMystiqueSilver SurferPatriotBroodDebriiCyclopsBlue MarvelSeraUltron WaspMisty KnightMystiqueSilver SurferPatriotBroodDebriiCyclopsBlue MarvelSeraUltronSeraUltronSeraUltronSeraUltronSeraUltronSeraUltronSeraUltronSeraUltronSeraUltronSeraUltronSeraUltronSeraUltronSeraUltronSeraUltronSeraUltronSeraUltronSeraU WaspMisty KnightShockerMystiqueSilver SurferPatriotBroodDebriiCyclopsBlue MarvelSeraUltronSeraUltronSeraUltronSeraUltronSeraUltronSeraUltronSeraUltronSeraUltronSeraUltronSeraUltronSeraUltronSeraUltronSeraUltronSeraUltronSeraUltronSeraUltron

It is therefore unlikely that this second deck will be rewritten using the Patriot's buffing feature.

The other important card in this deck is the Silver Surfer, which will have the ability to buff all three cost three cards. This will allow some cards to become extremely powerful. This is Brood for example, who benefits from the Silver Surfer's effect as well as the Patriot's effect on the Broodlings it spawns!

Ultron is found on the first deck that will be able to benefit from the Patriot's effect. We will also have the right to Sera, a very powerful card that reduces the cost of other cards in your hand by 1allowing more choices for the final turn.

Budget of Deck Patriot

The ThingAbominationBlue MarvelOnslaughtHulkSquirrel GirlMister SinisterShockerPatriotCyclopsThe ThingAbominationBlue

Inevitably, a Patriot deck will contain at least one card from this Pool. However, if you get it quickly, you may make a viable deck from the cards you already have. This is what we will see here.

Squirrel Girl depicting two squirrels without abilities is a common early game card that may benefit from the Patriot's effect.

The Patriot allows you to play a Hulk with 14 power in the endgame.

Learn more about the Marvel Cinematic Universe in this short video.

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