New shots from the Amazon Prime series' set from Fallout

New shots from the Amazon Prime series' set from Fallout ...

Idle Sloth has released a number of new images from the Amazon Prime Video Of Fallout set, which you may see in the two Imgur galleries below.

In full Fallout style, the shots immortalize a decaying gas station. It appears to be a set that is still in the works, given that some elements are still packed, and the machinery is still moving.

While under the black sheets there should be the logo of "Red Rocket", a well-known fictitious company within the games, looking attentively. So much so that the set is very similar to the gas station in the headline of the news, taken from Fallout 4.

In addition to the references to Fallout, there is a reason: This is the Citgo gas station located on Route 9W, New Jersey, which is popular with Hollywood. From 2012 until today, she has appeared in over twelve TV series and films, including the first film in the John Wick series and now also in Amazon's Amazon Prime series.

The first season of Amazon Prime's Fallout series has been released in the course of 2023, probably alongside the next-gen update of Fallout 4.

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