The Genshin Impact issue as a result of three channels in the Land of three Dendro monuments: how to solve it

The Genshin Impact issue as a result of three channels in the Land of three Dendro monuments: how to ...

As you explore the Sumeru Desert, you will encounter many puzzles with locked chests. One of them is the Genshin Impact puzzle, Dendro Monuments. For her decision, a precious chest is given.

We'll walk you through where to find the Dendro monuments in the north of the Hadramavet desert and how to solve it with the aid of ducks.

Where Can I Find Dendro Monuments in the Land of Three Channels?

The puzzle is located in the north, northwest of the Panjwahe Temple dungeon. On the ground, the riddle appears like a sealed chest, with two monuments visible on the surface of the Dendro.

A duck is crawling around the chest, so take care to avoid his strikes in time.

In Genshin Impact, how do I solve the Dendro Monuments puzzle?

To complete the puzzle, you need to activate four elemental monuments. For example, take a character to the Dendro squad, such as Collei or Dendro Traveler. Below we will discuss in detail where to find all the totems and how to light them.

The first monument to be built north of the area with the chest, where an inactive guardian of the ruins can serve as a guide. The mechanism is not sealed, so just jump up and light the Dendro with an element.

The second monument is just below the chest, in the south direction. It is secured with runes, and on its wall are three disused obelisks.

Assist Djinn Lilupar to dispel the four-leafed obelisks that surrounded the monument. This item is acquired during the quest chain "Bilcis Memorial Service."

After removing the vortex, it is important to ensure that the three lower obelisks are identical to those on the upper ones. Jump down and hit each stone until you see the correct image.

Two broken lines on the first obelisk with a triangle at the end - three points on the third zigzag

The seal will fall when two rows of obelisks light up with the same symbols, and you may smash the monument with the Dendro element.

The third monument is hidden in the second mechanism. Lure him behind you and stand near the stone, wait for the monster to emerge from the ground and attack the stone. The monument will be visible.

A number of molders will climb out of the destroyed barrier while you deal with them and light the mechanism with him.

The third mechanism is constructed on the same principle as the third. The stone behind which it is hidden is located on the east side of the area with the chest. Run up to him and wait for the blow of the duck to strike the Dendro monument. When the stone is broken, hit the monument with an attack.


The following rewards will be awarded after opening the precious chest for solving the puzzle.

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