Huge MacBook Pro discounts for the first Apple laptops

Huge MacBook Pro discounts for the first Apple laptops ...

Apple is releasing new MacOS computers for the first time this year, including the Mac mini M2, which is offered at astonishingly low costs from Apple. Both Macs have been tested in the test (see below) and there are dealers who undercut the costs for the new MacBook.

For the first release of MacBook Pro (2023), get a 14 inch or 16 inch cheaper.

When the new Apple MacBook Pro M2 Pro / Max is released, it remains to be seen how it performs. New MacOS laptops can sometimes be sold out during the release period, especially if they performed as well in the test as the MacBook Pro M2 Max. That's why we've included you to a few retailers that may (still) sell the MacBooks.

MacBook Pro (2020/2021) with a 13′′, 14′′, or 16′′ display

It is unsurprising that the MacBook Pro M1 is now significantly less than it was previously. This means that Amazon has reduced the recommended retail price, which we always refer to as a comparison price.

Apple is having a discount on the iPad Pro M1/M2 and now has an iPad 2022 and iPad Air for under €510!

MacBook Pro (2022) with 13 inch display

Back in 2022, Apple released the first MacBook Pro with an M2 chip. At Amazon, you may now acquire the MacBook Pro M2 with a 13-inch display, 8 GB RAM, and 512 GB SSD for a discount of almost 300 euros.

Also worth a look: Amazon offers huge discounts on RAM, PC, monitor, games, Samsung Galaxy, and more.

MacBook Air (2020) with a 13.3 inch screen

Amazon is currently offering the MacBook Air for 200 euros less than the M1 chip and a 13.3-inch display, thanks to Amazon's 30-day warranty.

MacBook Air (2022) with 13.6 inch display

The MacBook Air, as well as the MacBook Pro, is already available with an M2 chip. Amazon is currently offering attractive discounts on these devices, including the MacBook Air (2022) with a 13.6-inch display.

Purchase the Apple Mac mini M2: Here you can get the most recent MacOS PC at the cheapest price for the release.

Apple is offering a €410 discount on the iPad Pro M1/M2! Also, Amazon has offered iPad 2022 and iPad Air for a fantastic price!

With the Amazon New Year offers, the iPhone 14 is down 200€ – and the iPhone 13 is down even more, at over 260€.

In the Golem test, the MacBook Pro M2 Max says, "There is currently no better notebook."

PC game enthusiasts are also familiar.

Amazon is offering incredible discounts of up to 33% on RAM, monitors, games, and televisions (LG OLED TV, Samsung QLED), smartphones, and other items.

Amazon has recently launched the Sodastream Duo, Crystal, and other water bubblers from the market leader. You may save up to 48%.

For less, you can buy Apple iPhone 13 (Pro Max), Airpods Max, or an LG OLED TV from the eBay Re-Store. #advertising

Daily Deals: New MacBook Pro and Co. Top Offers

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