GTA Online might infect your PC with a virus exploit discovered

GTA Online might infect your PC with a virus exploit discovered ...

Before you play GTA Online, be aware that if you have recently discovered a vulnerability, you are putting your own computer at jeopardy. Among other things, you are at danger of viruses or other malware.

What is the name of the exploit?

The present vulnerability, according to a well-known Twitter user, is at least in part inspired by the recently leaked GTA 5 source code (buy now / €26.98 ), which allows for the particularly dangerous use of cheats and the manipulating of basic game data.

The fact that they can even access and compromise other games' data and systems is far worse. Either you lose your in-game money in GTA Online or you have to expect a developer's ban due to a corrupted account. However, the exploit also allows you to "infect" other games' systems with viruses or other malicious code.

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PC game enthusiasts are also fond of the format.

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What are the implications of Rockstar Games' reaction to this?

Rockstar Games hasn't forgotten about the exploit. After a brief delay, the development team spoke with the team on a solution. This will be available as soon as possible in the form of a new title update for GTA Online. However, there is still no release date left for players.

Tez2 via Twitter

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