GTA Online: A New Invader AVG

GTA Online: A New Invader AVG ...

Anyone who likes to travel a lot in GTA Online is in for a lot of trouble, as a new vulnerability is making the rounds.

A new vulnerability in GTA Online has surfaced, which does nothing to help at all. Modders who exploit the vulnerability might be able to execute remote code through GTA Online, allowing hackers to remotely activate malware on computers running the game.

Several players and modders have already stated that it is possible to steal user ranks and in-game money while simultaneously destroying an account's entire game progress. In addition, it is possible to corrupt accounts in a manner that they are no longer allowed to participate in online gaming.

The general advice within the GTA community is to stay away from the game until an issue is resolved. Rockstar Games has now spoken out via Twitter and confirmed that they are working on a solution that will be included in an upcoming security update.

Let's hope that Rockstar resolves the issue as quickly as possible. In its Dark Souls games, From Software encountered issues that allowed remote access to users' PCs. The consequences there were severe – Due to the vulnerability, From Software and Bandai Namco shut down the entire multiplayer server for the series indefinitely.

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