Is Shreyas still married to Gurleen from Love Without Borders?

Is Shreyas still married to Gurleen from Love Without Borders? ...

'Love Without Borders,' a television series created by Bravo TV, for those who have failed to find love in the United States. Gurleen Virk left her San Deigo home in hopes of meeting her new partner, the handsome model Shreyas Mehta, in Dubai, the land of riches, in the beginning.

Shreyas and Gurleen's tumultuous relationship resulted in them being put before Arica Angelo for some couples' therapy. Fans of the program must be curious to find out if Shreyas or Gurleen managed to return home safely.

The Journey of Shreyas and Gurleen in Love Without Borders

Gurleen Virk, a San Diego resident, travelled to Dubai to find love. Shreyas Mehta, a retired professional wrestler, resides in Dubai with his extended family, and there was an instant connection from the moment they met.

Gurleen learned that Shreyas still lived with his large family (a culture that is still prevalent among Indian families) and that she was expected to do the same. More than once, Gurleen was put in awkward situations where she felt that she was being interrogated by his friends and family.

Gurleen felt she was being bullied by Shreyas' friends about their physical compatibility and were infiltrating their personal affairs.

Gurleen was asked by a friend why they hadn't taken their relationship to another level, and the question clearly made her uncomfortable. She felt that her partner did not stand up for her in the way she had hoped. Although Shreyas' explanation helped resolve the issue, the couple continued to have issues about their compatibility.

Gurleen decided to record the conversation, causing a significant break in their relationship. It may have been Shreyas' last straw to continue resolving issues, leading the couple to seek much-needed couple's therapy and meeting with Arica Angelo, the host.

Is Shreyas still married to Gurleen?

When asked about Shreyas' feelings towards Gurleen, he replied, "I feel like there is no romance." "And if we are building on something, it's probably as friends," Shreyas replied.

Gurleen has returned to San Diego to pursue her distinguished career at Google as a Project Manager, while Shreyas is focusing on his own clothing company, Flagmob Nation. While Gurleen is said to be single, Shreyas is matched with Gabby Garcia, the COO at She Serves, who has begun his long journey of forever.

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