Is AppleTV+s Shrinking based on a true story?

Is AppleTV+s Shrinking based on a true story? ...

'Shrinking,' a comedy-drama series created by Brett Goldstein, Bill Lawrence, and Jason Segel, focuses on Jimmy Laird (Jason Segel) and Paul Rhodes (Harrison Ford) who are both recovering from the death of their wife. However, Jimmy experiences a shift as he begins speaking his thoughts and feelings to his patients.

Jimmy's actions, while breaking ethical guidelines, result in a significant shift in everyone's life. Viewers must be curious to know what inspired the program's production of 'Shrinking,' which includes information about actual events.

Is Shrinking a True Story?

'Shrinking' isn't based on a true story; it's a collaborative effort between writers and actors. With Lawrence's help, Brett Goldstein wrote the critically acclaimed 'Ted Lasso' series for AppleTV+.

Lawrence, who was planning a drama about a physician or a therapist dealing with grief, began the project individually. Goldstein and Lawrence then decided to combine the two concepts and create 'Shrinking.'

Jason Segel ('How I Met Your Mother,') who plays Jimmy Laird in the show's main character, talked about the show's primary theme in an interview with E! News. He added that by helping others, we may be able to self-healing.'

Segel stated that the creators wanted to go for a satirical tone but still wanted to keep the show authentic, demonstrating that mental health problems exist. "It's not a satire," Segel continued.

"There is a real therapist," he said, adding, "I'm sure there are many who are"pursuing this technique, which is) unconventional but is geared toward facilitating change quicker." Despite its broad scope, 'Shrinking' tackles many universal themes, such as grief, with an added touch of humor. As a result, the program is emotionally resonant for the viewers.

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