The Best Settings for Forspoken: Display, Difficulty, and More

The Best Settings for Forspoken: Display, Difficulty, and More ...

Forspoken is a fairly complex game, and if you want to go through every nook and cranny, complete every side quest, and complete all of the achievements or medals, you'll want to get acquainted with the game's settings. From the usual display and language settings to sound settings, there's something for everyone.

Without further ado, here are some of the best Forspoken settings.

Difficulty Settings (Gameplay Balance)

Forspoken provides a surprising assortment of difficulty levels. While many games limit you to a single difficulty level, Forspoken allows you to customize the game's difficulty for the ideal amount of challenge.

Aim Assist is available on all difficulty levels, as well as Aim Assist, which allows you to aim your spells more effectively against targets. Spell-switching also gets its own setting, including none, Default (Slow), and Full Pause. There's stamina recovery speed, damage received, and auto-healing via items.

There are no "best" difficulty settings for Forspoken, since the ideal difficulty is subjective. If I were to offer a recommendation, it would be to stick to Normal difficulty with all of the default settings, then gradually tweak them based on how you'd like to play.

Control Panels

Forspoken allows you to customize the controls to your liking. The controls include your camera movement and rotation speed, your preferred confirm button, and more.

Playing Forspoken involves a lot of moving your camera around to look for enemies or hunt for loot. Target locking helps track fast-moving enemies, but when confronted with many targets, you can get overwhelmed quite quickly. By decreasing your sensitivity and/or camera movement speed by a moderate amount should improve your controller's battery life.

Finally, there's trigger sensitivity. I like the DualSense's trigger resistance in PS5 games, including Forspoken, because it makes your spells feel more powerful. You may however disable it completely if you don't want to.

Display Options

Display settings are the go-to for many gamers when it comes to testing new games. Forspoken really digs into its particle effects, but they can be a disadvantage to performance if you prefer faster framerates.

Forspoken has three image quality presets, one for 4K resolution, and another for lower resolution.

Forspoken lacks any spectacular graphics quality, and while the particle effects from spells can be impressive when in the middle of combat, everything else just doesn't match the high-quality combat that players expected from a PS5 game.

Sound Settings

The sound settings in Forspoken are fairly standard, except for one option. It's important to know that this feature is disabled by default, but it allows your PS5 wireless controller to play Cuff's voice. It's also a useful little trick that you may already know about if you've ever played Death Stranding with a similar setting.

Cuff is ideal when used with external speakers, although it may be more powerful than the controller's power.

Do note that you may alter the voice's volume using a slider located under the Volume section if you do decide to use it. It may not be as loud as you would expect.

Setting of a Wireless Controller

Due to its focus on magic, the wireless controller options include all of the available controls for changing the game's functions as well as their corresponding buttons. And while you may wish to continue playing Forspoken's combat, it's probably better to keep it as-is.

The additional buttons may be something you want to try out if you have a DualSense Edge controller.

Accessibility Options

If you have trouble with certain aspects of the game, Forspoken's accessibility settings are always helpful. You may also highlight nearby characters if you don't see them until they're up close, which might help relieve your fingers during prolonged traversals.

Then, there are also the usual accessibility options such as HUD-related options and subtitle customization. As accessibility options are meant to assist all players, try changing some of them to improve your overall gameplay experience.

Forspoken has a lot of customization options, so please feel free to try them out. Have a great day exploring the world of Athia!

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