Covid-19 has caused Ayakashi Triangle Episode 5 to be postponed

Covid-19 has caused Ayakashi Triangle Episode 5 to be postponed ...

Covid-19 instances are on the rise again, with new episodes of several anime shows being postponed due to this. In this article, we discuss one such anime from Aniplex titled Ayaskashi Triangle, which is taking a break after releasing its fourth episode, although at the time, we do not know when it will be released.

The WSJ magazine's official social media account revealed that due to the Covid-19 situation in Japan, the anime would not release any episodes following the premiere of the fourth episode on Monday. After that, the last episode before the hiatus will be released the following week. After that, the anime will rebroadcast its first four episodes on four Mondays.

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What is the narrative behind the anime Ayakashi Triangle?

Ayakashi Triangle is a fantasy manga that was published in the Wall Street Journal between June 2020 and April 2022. The story revolves around Matsuri and Suzu, who can discern spirits. The former belongs to the race of people who are skilled at performing an exorcism, and the latter is born with strange powers that attract the attention of the spirits.

Matsuri chooses to keep Suzu for the rest of her life after learning that her powers tend to expand with time, and that her spirits will desire to possess her body.

Crunchyroll has broadcasted Ayakashi Triangle's anime adaptation for International fans, and here's the official synopsis from the streamer:

Moreover, we will update our website whenever we receive any information regarding the comeback of the show.

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