Lil Baby Gives His Son Massive Diamond Pendants

Lil Baby Gives His Son Massive Diamond Pendants ...

Lil Baby is currently one of the most well-known rappers in the Hip-Hop World and is certainly in demand among fans. The hip-hop World as a whole has become more prominent in pop culture and mainstream media as a result of his huge wealth. He gifted massive diamond necklaces to his son, which is not new for him.

According to TMZ, the rapper recently visited Icebox Diamonds & Watches, where he received a set of new diamond emblems inspired by two of his own pieces.

Icebox's Skylar Langfeldt said that his son Jason's 4PF chain consists of more than five carats of VS diamonds with blue and green enamel accents, which is a smaller version of Lil Baby's which has 70+ carats.

Jason's Hawks pendant features 2 carats of diamonds and 25 grams of gold. His father's has ten times the bling with 20 carats of diamonds and 150 grams of white gold.

Lil Baby loves his son and will spend as much as he desires to make his son happy. We'll have to wait and see what Lil Baby gets for his son next.

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