[FOX] Avas Story | Release Date | Promo | Cast

[FOX] Avas Story | Release Date | Promo | Cast ...

"Accused" is a crime anthology series that begins with an accuser preparing to face trial, which is typically followed by a media outrage because these are "heater" cases. After that, we move back and forth between trial scenes and flashbacks that chronicle the chain of events that led to such serious and often controversial criminal charges.

What is the significance of 'Accused' Episode 2?

A Deaf actor plays a surrogate who gives birth to a deaf child in 'Accused' episode 2, but the issue is resolved in an unconvincing manner.

Ava's Story in Accused S01xE02 Promo

After a married couple discovers their newborn is Deaf, they decide to undergo a surgical procedure. But when their surrogate learns the news, she feels she has no choice but to intervene.

Release Date for Accused Episode 2 Release Dates for Accused Episode 2

'Accused' Episode 2 will be available on Fox at 9/8c on January 24, 2023.

Ava's Story Cast in Episode 2 of Accused

Jenny's Husband Joshua Castille, plays Ava's lover Lauren Ridloff, plays Ava's public defender, Stephanie Nogueras as a Deaf Surrogate Aaron Ashmore plays Jenny's husband Joshua Castille, who plays Ava's lover Lauren Ridloff.

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