Spotify might appoint employees this week

Spotify might appoint employees this week ...

Spotify may terminate employees this week, according to reports.

Spotify's layoffs: The music streaming service might be the latest among many companies to announce or confirm large scale layoffs this week. Bloomberg reported that "The number of individuals at the organization that are likely to lose their jobs has not been identified." The company's Gimlet Media and Parcast podcast studios were terminated in October of last year.

According to layoff tracking website, around 24,151 people in the technology industry lost their jobs, with the biggest losses occurring at cryptocurrency loan exchanges like Amazon, Salesforce, Coinbase, and others. announced last week that it would reduce its global workforce by about 20% due to continuing economic difficulties and unexpected business occurrences.

According to a study, a record 51,489 computer professionals lost their jobs in November, the month with the highest rate of layoffs since the recession began. In the early months of 2023, Google is likely to take drastic measures to shrink its workforce.

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