The Top 30 Prime Video TV Shows of All Time

The Top 30 Prime Video TV Shows of All Time ...

Keep this list handy as we commemorate and highlight what we believe to be the Top 30 Most Highly Rated and Best Prime Video TV Shows of All Time.

Prime Video has launched over 26,000 movies and over 3,000 streaming shows since 2016, making it one of the world's most extensive streaming libraries. In fact, Prime Video has almost twice the amount of original content as its competitor, Netflix.

We've always been amazed by the Best and Highest Rated Prime Video TV Shows of All Time. If you're still deciding what to watch next, keep this list handy. We've used Rotten Tomatoes as the benchmark, but we'll also share the IMDb rating to give you an idea of difference in objectivity. On top of this, if we have reviewed it on our site, we'll also share it with you.

This page will be updated every two months so that subscribers may keep up with the most popular Netflix shows as part of their subscription.

The Top 30 Most Successful Prime Video TV Shows of All Time

The Wheel of Time costs 80 million to produce, and it also has the advantage of being female-centric, which perfectly fits today's modern social advocacy environment. However, the Wheel of Time is a captivating and suspenseful series that excites your interest.

Official Premise:

Moiraine, a member of the Aes Sedai, a powerful group of women who can channel the One Power, follows a group of five young people from the secluded Two Rivers, believing one of them is the Dragon, an extremely powerful channeller who made a living.

Rosamund Pike, Daniel Henney, Madeleine Madden, and Josha Stradowski are the cast of Marcus Rutherford. Barney Harris, Kate Fleetwood, Priyanka Bose, Hammed Animashaun, Sophie Okonedo, Kae Alexander, and Fares Fares

The Score of Rotten Tomatoes is 81%.

Rating from the IMDB: 7.1/10

"The Wheel of Time is binge and buzz-worthy television," says a panelist at Ready Steady Cut.

"This six-episode series is intended to make us question the ways propaganda and slogans can infiltrate and influence society," according to The Australian; a timely message encased in an effective comedic conceit."

Official Premise:

Millions of Romanians tuned into Comrade Detective, a gritty, sexy, communist buddy cop program that has now been digitally remastered and dubbed into English for the first time by a cast made up of Channing Tatum, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Jenny Slate, Nick Offerman, and others.

Channing Tatum and Joseph Gordon-Levitt make up the cast.

85 percent of Rotten Tomatoes Score 85 percent of Rotten Tomatoes Scores

The IMDB's rating is 7.2/10.

Betas is a "zeitgeisty techie narrative filled with Millennial raunch and wit," according to Prime Video's reviewer.

Official Premise:

"Trey and his men have an app and a strategy — now they need an investor."

Joe Dinicol, Karan Soni, and Jon Daly are among the actors on the cast.

85 percent Rotten Tomatoes Score

Rating from the IMDB: 7.2/10

Erik Adams of the AV Club states, "With its Amazon Studios subsidiary, the online retailer is attempting the same feat as the protagonists of Betas: To bootstrap its way to success in a newly discovered area."

You either deliver or start working for Crackle when Jeff Bezos wants something. Here, the creator of Prime Video is said to have spent over one billion dollars on J.R.R. Tolkien's money-making fantasy machine. It was always going to be challenging. Bezos and the company will have episodes and spin-offs for years.

Official Premise:

Robert Aramayo, Markella Kavenagh, Joseph Mawle, Ema Horvath, and Maxim Baldry are among the actors in this film.

85 percent Rotten Tomatoes Score

6.9/10 from the IMDB

"Tolkien fans can breathe a sigh of relief as it follows the source material while establishing its own distinctive identity," according to Ready Steady Cut.

David E. Kelley is one of the few television producers who can vouch for their streaming series going beyond a third season. The Billy Bob Thornton vehicle remained on Prime Video's streaming waves for four seasons, making it a standout piece on Amazon's iconic series.

Official Premise:

"Bill McBride, once a powerful attorney, is now a washed-up ambulance chaser who spends more time in jail than in the courtroom." A vast and deadly conspiracy unravels when Billy reluctantly agrees to pursue a life-or-death prosecution against the huge law business he founded. Billy and his group are likely to pursue a life-or-death trial against the ultimate foe, which might ultimately help Billy find redemption and exact revenge on the company."

Billy Bob Thornton, Nina Arianda, Tania Raymonde, Diana Hopper, and Julie Brister are among the cast members.

85 percent of Rotten Tomatoes are scored.

Rating from the IMDB: 8.10

"Goliath season 4 may be the last, but it's the loudest yet," says the author of Ready Steady Cut.

'Though the show around them burns a bit too slowly, Tales from the Loop beautifully transposes Simon Stlenhag's paintings into moving art, and provides a welcome dose of warmth and humanity with its sci-fi,' said the Rebecca Hall car.

Official Premise:

"The people who live above "The Loop," a machine created to unlock and explore the mysteries of the universe, may discover things previously hidden in science fiction."

Rebecca Hall, Paul Schneider, Daniel Zolghadri, Duncan Joiner, and Jonathan Pryce are all cast in the film.

86% Rotten Tomatoes Score

7.4/10 from the IMDB.

"Tales from the Loop" is a few good episodes away from being a fantastic Amazon series, suffering from a heavily weighted perspective, according to Ready Steady Cut.

Kevin Bacon was nominated for Best Actor in a Television Series – Musical or Comedy for his role as the titular character in the hypersexualized comedy that was tragically canceled after one season.

Official Premise:

"This series follows a sluggish filmmaker named Chris and a talented writer named Sylvere, who are in a difficult marriage, and their fascination with a charismatic professor named Dick." Kevin Bacon plays the titular character, a renowned, macho scholar who provokes Chris but also unleashes her artistic awakening."

Kevin Bacon, Kathryn Hahn, Griffin Dunne, Roberta Colindrez, and Lily Mojekwu make up the cast.

87% of Rotten Tomatoes are considered as a high quality product.

Rating at the IMDB: 6,3/10

Lauren Carroll Harris of The Guardian writes: "I Love Dick continues Transparent's quest for new queer, feminist, long-form storytelling."

The Lost-like series lasted two seasons on Prime Video, first in 2020, then last year, with the main complaint that the sophomore season had a significant decrease in storytelling quality when the creators attempted to expand on the original idea.

Official Premise:

"Teenage girls from completely different backgrounds find themselves stranded on a remote island, unaware they have just become the subject of a massive social experiment."

Rachel Griffiths, Sophia Ali, Shannon Berry, Jenna Clause, and Reign Edwards star in the film.

Eight8% of Rotten Tomatoes Scores Eight8% of Rotten Tomatoes Score

The IMDB has given a 7.3/10 rating.

"The introduction of the boys is a flop," according to the writer of Ready Steady Cut. Season 2 is a wasted continuation that offers little value.

As We See It is based on the Israeli drama series On the Spectrum, which was named Best Drama Series at the 2018 Israeli Ophir Awards. The series is the first of its kind to cast three lead actors who identify as autistic. Prime Video adapts the series, but cancels it after one season.

Official Premise:

"Jack, Harrison, and Violet, three roommates on the autism spectrum, strive to obtain and maintain employment, make friends, fall in love, and navigate a world that eludes them."

Rick Glassman, Albert Rutecki, Sue Ann Pien, Sosie Bacon, and Chris Pang are among the cast members.

90% of Rotten Tomatoes are rated.

The IMDB's Rating: 8.1/10

"Katims has created an emotional, moving series that gives each character a compelling, sympathetic storyline," says NPR's Eric Deggans. Along the way, he's provided an important example of how television can improve its portrayal of people on the autism spectrum."

Amy Sherman-Palladino ("Gilmore Girls") has directed the popular Prime Video streaming series for four seasons, with the final renewal for the fifth season this past year. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is Amazon's most popular series, winning seven primetime Emmy awards and three Golden Globes. Rachel Brosnahan plays the titular character in several films, including The Courier and I'm Your Woman.

Official Premise:

Miriam "Midge" Maisel has everything she has ever desired — a wonderful husband, two children, and an elegant apartment on New York's Upper West Side. She discovers a hidden skill she didn't know she had — stand-up comedy as she navigates through the city's comedy scene, ultimately landing her on the "Tonight Show" couch.

Rachel Brosnahan, Michael Zegen, Alex Borstein, Tony Shalhoub, and Marin Hinkle are among the cast members.

90% of Rotten Tomatoes are scored.

8.7/10 from the IMDB

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel manages to entice a host of delightful surprises, according to our review of Ready Steady Cut.

Red Oaks is a "delectable and whip-smart comedy," according to Indiewire's Ben Travers. "Red Oaks" is the most significant nostalgia-infused TV series currently streaming."

Official Premise:

"It's summer of 1985, and NYU student David gets a summer job at the Red Oaks Country Club in New Jersey." His father advises him to concentrate on his studies (a C is a Jewish F," he assures his son shortly before he collapses on the tennis court). He also advises him to avoid college if he wants to be a CPA.

Craig Roberts, Ennis Esmer, Oliver Cooper, Paul Reiser, and Alexandra Socha are among the cast members.

The Rotten Tomatoes Index is 91%.

7.9/10 from the IMDB

Ben Edlund's 33-year artistic journey to create his comic book The Tick (1986) came to an end in 2019. The updated version of his iconic 2001 series, starring Seinfeld legend Patrick Warburton, was streamed for two seasons before finally coming to an end in 2019 when Amazon announced the cancellation.

Official Premise:

Arthur, an unassuming accountant who has no superpowers, is caught in the middle of a battle between good and evil. He begins investigating the conspiracy. Most people think he's crazy because he believes Arthur is a strange blue superhero who may be a figment of Arthur's imagination."

Peter Serafinowicz, Griffin Newman, Valorie Curry, Yara Martinez, and Brendan Hines are the cast of the show.

91% of Rotten Tomatoes are scored.

7.4/10 from the IMDB

"The Tick continues to ooze charm and charm, but also manages to entice its cast in new and often hilarious directions," says Matthew Aguilar of

"Folding together time-traveling wonder with a strong group of youngsters who are as dimensional as origami, Paper Girls is a major boon to the future," according to the critic.

Official Premise:

Four paper girls are out on their delivery route when they get caught in the crossfire between conflicting time travelers, transforming their lives for the better.”

Camryn Jones, Riley Lai Nelet, Sofia Rosinsky, Fina Strazza, and Ali Wong are among the cast.

91% of Rotten Tomatoes Score 91% of Rotten Tomatoes Scores

7.310 from the IDB

"Not overly exciting and too tame in many episodes," says the author of Ready Steady Cut. However, Paper Girls may appeal to a younger audience, who is more willing to overlook some of the show's silly moments."

The Summer I Turned Pretty was a viral social media sensation when it premiered last year, owing to its popularity more to word of mouth than actual viewers. The series was eventually canceled after only one season.

Official Premise:

During the ideal summer, a girl is caught in a love triangle between two brothers.

Lola Tung, Jackie Chung, Rachel Blanchard, Christopher Briney, and Gavin Casalegno are the actors.

91% of Rotten Tomatoes scored

7.4/10 from the IMDB.

We reviewed the series at Ready Steady Cut: "A mediocre teenage romance with some memorable moments, but overall it's not quite right," says the author, "with its toxic obsession with image and the upper-class elite."

Michael Dorman plays John Tavner, an intelligence officer who is named after the steaming giant. The series was directed by Steve Conrad (Wrestling Earnest Hemingway, The Pursuit of Happiness).

Official Premise:

John Tavner, a Midwestern industrial piping company employee, must give up safety nets and take on a dangerous non-official job as a mid-level employee while navigating PTSD, federal government failures, and expanding fiascos that continue to complicate his mission.

Michael Dorman, Terry O'Quinn, Michael Chernus, Kathleen Munroe, and Aliette Opheim are among the actors on the cast.

91% of Rotten Tomatoes scores are

Rating on the IMDB: 8.2/10

Many of us have waited for Lee Child's modernized Dirty Harry to be able to portray the person he brought to life. He was a former military policeman who had his issue with justice, and he has begun his Jack Kerouac across the United States. The second season will air in the spring of 2023.

Official Premise:

"Jack Reacher, a retired military police investigator, has recently entered civilian life when he is falsely accused of murder."

Alan Ritchson, Willa Fitzgerald, Malcolm Goodwin, Marc Bendavid, and Willie C. Carpenter are the cast members.

The Score of Rotten Tomatoes: 92%

Rating of the IMDB: 8.10

"Amazon's Reacher adaptation is the one we've been waiting for and deserve, and Lee Child's involvement allows the series never to forget the book's slanted wit and brutal twists that made Child's novel so popular."

The Boys, a worldwide smash hit sensation, has been Prime Video's most buzz-worthy series. The series has been nominated for six Emmy awards and was renewed for a fourth season in 2022. We are waiting for this bloody disgusting and horrific good opportunity to re-enter the streaming world soon.

Official Premise:

“Superheroes are often as popular as celebrities, as powerful as politicians, and sometimes as revered as gods.”

Karl Urban, Jack Quaid, Antony Starr, Erin Moriarty, Dominique McElligott

93% of Rotten Tomatoes Score

8.7/10 from the IMDB

The series was reviewed by Ready Steady Cut: "A darkly comic, lightning fast, and bloodstained journey."

The Prime Video series, which will star Gael Garca Bernal as Rodrigo, is based on conductor Gustavo Dudamel's 2005 memoir Mozart in the Jungle: Sex, Drugs, and Classical Music. For Bernal, the show lasted four seasons, a feat in the streaming arena.

Official Premise:

Mozart in the Jungle is a half-hour comedy that focuses on finding yourself and finding love while conquering New York City. As young oboist Hailey hopes for her big opportunity, it is woven together.

Gael Garca Bernal, Lola Kirke, Malcolm McDowell, Saffron Burrows, and Bernadette Peters are among the cast.

94% of Rotten Tomatoes Score

Rating from the IMDB: 8.10

Mozart in the Jungle has been dubbed "one of the funniest, most charming comedies out." It's impossible to do much worse than spend a portion of a winter weekend subduing to its serenade.

A League of Their Own is a streaming series created by Abbi Jacobsen (Broad City) and Will Graham (Movie 43). The final product is a narrative series that explores how these women function in the shadows.

Official Premise:

Carson Shaw leaves her small town lifestyle to pursue her dream of playing professional baseball.

Abbi Jacobson, Will Graham, Hailey Wierengo, Desta Tedros Reff, Jamie Babbit are among the cast members.

94% of Rotten Tomatoes Score 94% of Rotten Tomatoes Scores

Rating from the IMDB: 7.5/10

"A League of Their Own is sharp, nuanced, and multilayered with constant surprises." "This modern remake of a comedy classic lays the foundation."

Upload is a better series when it's more about the dilemma of living in an afterlife controlled by big technology rather than the mystery of why Nathan exists in the first place. The series by Greg Daniel is ambitious storytelling that you rarely see in mainstream comedy that rewards its audience.

Official Premise:

After his premature death, a man is able to choose his own afterlife.

Robbie Amell, Andy Allo, Allegra Edwards, Zainab Johnson, and Kevin Bigley are all cast in the film.

94% of Rotten Tomatoes Score

7.9/10 from the IMDB.

We re-visited the show at Ready Steady Cut: "Upload remains the most ambitious comedy on television." – M.N. Miller

The Underground Railroad was praised by us as the kind of searing storytelling that reminds you how poorly written and generally thoughtless most television is. Jenkins was nominated for directing and co-starring in Colson Whitehead's Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, Moonlight.

Official Premise:

Cora gets on a train embarking on a horrific journey as she seeks true freedom while being hunted by a notorious slave catcher after escaping a Georgia plantation."

Thuso Mbedu, Chase W. Dillon, Joel Edgerton, Aaron Pierre, and Amber Gray make up the cast.

The percentage of Rotten Tomatoes is 94%.

The IMDB's rating is 7.4/10.

The Underground Railroad is an exquisite, masterful television series, and a must-see for anyone, according to Ready Steady Cut.

Master of None, the filmmaker of Parks & Recreation, and 30 Rock Producer Matt Hubbard, all of whom have had a hard time finding an audience, had been canceled. Maya Rudolph and Fred Armisen are the stars of the new comedy from Saturday Night Live.

Official Premise:

"June and Oscar are a married couple who have lived a comfortable but predictable life in suburban California. For years, they've had the same conversations, ate the same meals, and spent the same days at the same rented lakehouse." But when June talks Oscar into doing something completely different, the couple discovers themselves in completely new territory.

Maya Rudolph and Fred Armisen are the main actors in this film.

95 percent Rotten Tomatoes Score

Rating from the IMDB: 7.1/10

Forever, according to Ian Crouch of the New Yorker, is a "deep investigation into the dangers of falling in love."

Transparent won 42 awards, including eight Prime Time Emmy Awards, two Golden Globe Awards, and an AFI Television Award before bowing out with its series film release.

Official Premise:

"Mort has a secret that he wants to reveal to his three adult children, who are so self-absorbed they don't realize that something has changed for his divorced, girlfriendless dad." The secret emerges when he returns to his house and discovers his married daughter getting intimate with her ex. He knows her secret; she learns his; and the dysfunctional family uncovers one after another."

Jeffrey Tambor, Gaby Hoffmann, Amy Landecker, Jay Duplass, and Judith Light are among the actors on the show.

95 percent of Rotten Tomatoes scores are

7.810 out of 10 from the IMDB.

Mark Lawson of The New Statesman declared, "Transparent is the most original, daring, and trustworthy piece of American television since Breaking Bad."

This Prime Video original series is a dark comedy inspired by personal stories from the life of comic Tig Notaro. The "tragicomedy" ran for two seasons and produced 12 episodes before being canceled in 2018.

Official Premise:

Tig, who is still recovering from a double mastectomy, returns to her Mississippi home after her mother is gravely ill, on a difficult (and at times, hilarious) journey that uncovers unsettling facts about herself and her family.

Tig Notaro, Noah Harpster, John Rothman, Sheryl Lee Ralph, and Stephanie Allynne star in the film.

96% of Rotten Tomatoes Score

Rating by the IMDB: 7.5/10

One Mississippi, according to Katherine Singh of Refinery 29, is a "other semi-autobiographical gem."

Giovanni Ribisi plays Marius, a con man who attempts to forget his old life by concealing the identity of his cellmate, Pete, in a show that was executive produced by Bryan Cranston.

Official Premise:

"A con man who tries to forget his previous existence by insinuating the identity of his cell mate, Pete. Pete's family is a colorful group with their own secrets and lies that might make life as dangerous as the world Marius was hoping to escape."


96% of Rotten Tomatoes are on the rise.

Rating by the IMDB: 8.1/10

Allison Keene of Collider said, "That's the thing - Sneaky Pete isn't reinventing the wheel here." "But it is providing a fun, easily binge-able caper."

The most significant achievement of Prime Video is the critically acclaimed procedural based on Michael Connelly's best-selling novels. Bosch was the streaming giant's longest-running series lasting for seven seasons, culminating in a spinoff on Freeform, which is quite remarkable in its streaming longevity.

Official Premise:

"Harry Bosch is serious about murder. A former Special Forces officer who has served in the Middle East, Bosch is now a tenacious, jazz-loving homicide detective in the Los Angeles Division of the Los Angeles Police Department."

Titus Welliver, Jamie Hector, Amy Aquino, Lance Reddick, and Madison Lintz make up the cast.

The Rotten Tomatoes Score is 97%.

Rating of the IMDB: 8.5/10

"Bosch was a show fuelled by patience, sun-soaked streets, and the stoic Titus Welliver." "The last season is by far the most suspenseful. It's that rare show that knew it's time to go but never retreated."

"Harlem is a joy that is often wise about friendly foibles, aided by a terrific cast whose slick repartee immediately shines," according to the Rotten Tomatoes critic consensus.

Official Premise:

Camille, Tye, Quinn, and Angie, four ambitious best friends, have navigated their relationships and careers.

Grace Byers, Meagan Good, Jerrie Johnson, Shoniqua Shandai, and Tyler Lepley are all cast in the film.

98% of Rotten Tomatoes Score

Rating from the IMDB: 8.1/10

Season 1 of Ready Steady Cut was reviewed: "Harlem is a contemporary and stylish comedy that follows the lives of four ambitious (and brilliantly written) women who live in New York City."

Undoneis is unlike any other television show on television, whether it be broadcast, cable, or streaming. It's funny, touching, and bursting with energy. For all of the series' intrigue and charming comic relief, Kate Purdy and Raphael Bob-Waksberg's series leads to a compelling conclusion that is just so beautiful.

Official Premise:

Alma, the central character in Undone, discovers she has a new connection with time and uses her knowledge to uncover the truth about her father's death.

Rosa Salazar, Angelique Cabral, Bob Odenkirk, Constance Marie, and Siddharth Dhananjay are the cast.

98% of Rotten Tomatoes are scored.

Rating of the IMDB: 8.2/10

Season 2 of Ready Steady Cut is reviewed: "Undone is ambitious, touching, and beautifully told. A mental health metaphor that will move you in unexpected ways and bring a few tears to your eyes. At least, it did to mine."

The Devil's Hour was developed by Tom Moran (The Feed) and executive produced by Steven Moffat (Doctor Who) shortly after its release.

Official Premise:

"A woman wakes up every night at exactly 3:33am, in the middle of the so-called devil's hour between 3 and 4am," according to the narrator.

Jessica Raine, Peter Capaldi, Nikesh Patel, Alex Ferns, Barbara Marten are the cast of the film.

100% of Rotten Tomatoes Score

7.7/10 from the IMDB.

"The Devil's Hour is a skillfully crafted series that slowly builds suspense over its first two installments." This is a surprising creepy offering that could be a much-talked-about, addictive series," says the author.

Gloria Calderón Kellett (One Day at a Time) created the hit romantic comedy streaming series With Love, which received rave reviews from IndieWire for its vibrant and engaging original that matched its quality network content.

Official Premise:

Lily and Jorge Diaz's sisters are on a mission to find love and purpose during the holidays.

Emeraude Toubia, Mark Indelicato, Rome Flynn, Desmond Chiam, and Vincent Rodriguez III are among the cast.

100% of Rotten Tomatoes' Score

The IMDB's score is 7.2/10.

Season 1 of Ready Steady Cut was reviewed: "With Love is simply a modern family love letter to life."

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