GTA Online: Vulnerability Due to a New Exploit

GTA Online: Vulnerability Due to a New Exploit ...

Anyone who enjoys traveling a lot in GTA Online is in for a lot of trouble, as a new technique is making the rounds and causing a lot of damage.

GTA Online has discovered a new vulnerability that doesn't sound good at all. It might be possible for modders who exploit the vulnerability to execute remote code through GTA Online, thus hackers may remotely activate malware on the computers that run the game.

Several players and modders have already stated that it is possible to sabotage account content and cash, but also to jeopardize account integrity in such a way that they are banned from online play.

The general advice among the GTA community is to remain away from the game until the issue is resolved. Rockstar Games has now issued a tweet acknowledging the new vulnerabilities and confirming that they are working on a solution that will be included in an upcoming security update.

Let's hope that Rockstar can correct the issue as quickly as possible. Dark Souls games had vulnerabilities that allowed remote access to users' PCs. The consequences there were severe – Due to the vulnerability, From Software and Bandai Namco shut down the entire multiplayer server for the series for several months and only recently restarted it.

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