The Last of Us: A TV Series that has set a new record and an easter egg on Google

The Last of Us: A TV Series that has set a new record and an easter egg on Google ...

'The Last of Us' is still popular amongst big-time listeners. With the second episode, the TV series set a new record, and Google is also honoring the production with an Easter egg.

The Last of Us is a huge hit for HBO. After the series in its first week just beat "House of the Dragon."

The second episode, titled "Infected," raked in 5.7 million viewers on Sunday night, a 22 percent increase over the previous week. It's also the highest weekly viewership increase for an HBO Original drama series in the network's history.

The first episode of the program is continuing to grow: After a full week of availability, Episode 1 has 18 million viewers, nearly four times the amount shown in its predecessor.

In the wake of the first success story, HBO & HBO Max Content's Chairman and CEO said "We are thrilled that fans of the series and the game are experiencing this iconic narrative in a new light."

Google is apparently a big fan of the internet.

The Last of Us television series adaptation is broadcast every week, generating interest from the largest search engine provider.

Users of Google who are currently looking for The Last of Us receive a Easter Eggs a little interactive experience. After that, the screen is almost completely covered with a fungal growth. With a click on the cross, the fungal growth can be removed equally quickly.

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The third episode of "The Last of Us" continues, as previously reported, in a brief summary.

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