Will Kirmans superheroes be made into a video game?

Will Kirmans superheroes be made into a video game? ...

More updates on Robert Kirkman's comic universe have been released a few weeks after the release of the second season of Invincible in 2023 on Amazon Prime Video.

In fact, during a recent interview, the author once again suggested the possibility of a video game inspired by Mark Grayson's adventures. An possibility that had already emerged a year ago but which has since remained constant on Robert Kirkman's discussion table with Skybound Entertainment's publisher of Invincible.

"I'd say that our intentions for the video game industry are all-encompassing," said the creator of The Walking Dead. In addressing the issue, the author does not go too far, implying that his superheroes might go into action as much in a dedicated AAA game as in fun crossovers with highly successful titles.

“It might seem like I’m anticipating the announcement of something extraordinary,” Kirkman continued, “I hope they materialize.” In the meantime, we note that the author has recently returned to the subject of the Invincible live action film.

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