The designer of Dead Island 2 has joined Ubisoft

The designer of Dead Island 2 has joined Ubisoft ...

Bernd Diemer, the designer of Dead Island 2, has been working for Ubisoft, where he will contribute to the development of future social in-game components.

Moreover, we are not just talking about assisting game services such as The Division 2 or Riders Republic – tasks may even include including a photo mod to various studio newties, according to a press release. Such social experiences allow you to expand your audience.

Dimer has been in the game for more than 20 years, most recently as the creative director for Improbable Games. The author himself stated that he is pleased to join Ubisoft and plans to further its development.

Despite these issues, Ubisoft has already canceled three games and rescheduled Skull & Bones, and none of the industry's representatives was interested in the company's intentions for a merger and sale.

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