How to Level Quickly with Forspoken Guides and Tricks

How to Level Quickly with Forspoken Guides and Tricks ...

Players in The Prophesied will be living a long and dangerous adventure: as the protagonist Frey Holland, he will encounter numerous adversaries and frightening bosses, which is why you must be prepared for every occasion with the appropriate abilities and experience.

Even in Square Enix's new open world, it's essential to level up quickly and enjoy the challenges offered by the signed work to the maximum.

Win as many battles as possible.

The most obvious but always applicable advice is to face and win every battle you encounter along the way: one of the finest ways to earn EXP is to win over the majority of players: a special indicator on the screen will evaluate our performance in battle, varying the amount of experience points earned (and even the value of the drops left by defeated opponents)

Turn on Auto-Escape.

The Self-Escape option is available for combat gameplay, with the exception of attacks that cannot be parried. This setting will make Frey stronger and faster.

The difficulty level may be reduced.

In some situations, it may be useful to decrease the degree of challenge to weaken opponents. Enemies will not only have decreased health, but will also deal less damage, allowing for faster victories and resulting in even more EXP.

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