OnePlus teases its new mechanical keyboard

OnePlus teases its new mechanical keyboard ...

OnePlus is well-known for their phones, but they have recently expanded their offering to include gadgets such as headphones, smartwatches, and a rumored tablet, and now they are entering the mechanical keyboard market.

OnePlus has released a teaser video that was previously published on its website. These images show us what we may expect from the next keyboard.

Keychron is a well-known business for affordable mechanical keyboards, and for the most part, it appears to be fairly similar to the previous Keychron keyboard, except in a new colorway and a new knob design.

If you like Keychron's keyboards, this probably doesn't look entirely unfamiliar, which we suppose is a good thing. Pricing isn't yet known, but it should be around the same price as Keychron charges for its keyboards, so keep checking back later.

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