Aretha Franklin considers her natural woman, Denuked, to be transphobic?

Aretha Franklin considers her natural woman, Denuked, to be transphobic? ...

After a tweet claiming the song to be "transphobic", Aretha Franklin's song "A Natural Woman" went viral. Well, the song's lyrics have made enough headlines on social media since that tweet, which has now been explained.

If Aretha Franklin's song "A Natural Woman" was rejected, read on.

Aretha Franklin has been a well-known singer-songwriter. All of her songs are loved by her followers. One of her songs, “You Make Me Feel Like (A Natural Woman),” was recently popular on social media. The song was released long ago in 1968.

The lyrics of the song might not have sparked much interest in the previous years. However, a recent tweet from TCMA (Trans-Cultural Mindfulness Alliance) brought the song to the attention of everyone. It has been dubbed "offensive" by LGBTQ activists.

A tweet from the Trans-Cultural Mindfulness Alliance drew attention to Aretha Franklin's old song A Natural Woman on 21st January 2023. The tweet found the song to be harmful to transgender women.

The group even requested that the song be removed from Apple Music and Spotify. This has prompted social media to debate whether or not the song is indeed transphobic.

People slammed the TCMA for their comments about Aretha Franklin's song A Natural Woman, and one tweeted, "Honestly I'm glad she didn't have to live long to see this sh*t."

The TCMA's tweet about Aretha Franklin's song has been dubbed a "parody/satire" account by the activist group. It even went on to slam news organizations for not recognizing it as a parody account.

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